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Jaltest Marine – Use Cases



Nowadays, the majority of inboard, outboard, and jet ski systems are populated by a high volume of electronic control units (ECUs). Not to mention the number of cables, sensors, and actuators within the vessels. And maintaining everything in order, without a diagnostics tool, can very quickly become hellish.

So, to avoid the confusion ECUs bring to the maintenance of marine vessels, we would like to introduce the Jaltest Marine diagnostics tool. More precisely, its use cases and how they interact with the latest technology onboard modern vessels.

Check out our blog if you’re looking for a quick overview of the Jaltest Marine diagnostics software before we begin. Alternatively, we’ve also prepared an article on the most common marine vessel fault codes.

Use Cases

We want to highlight some use cases of the Jaltest Marine diagnostics tool – showcasing how it adapts to the latest technologies in marine vessels and how it can make the diagnostics & repair process easier.

Calibration of Mercury DTS system (Digital Throttle and Shift) (Inboard/Outboard)

The DTS system must be calibrated for new installations or when replacing Mercury Smart Craft components in inboard and outboard engines. This is divided into two parts: Configuration, where the vessel control structure (number of engines and helms) is defined, and Adaptation, where the position that each of the vessel levers can adopt is calibrated. The engines cannot be started unless the DTS calibration is conducted.

Injector coding of Evinrude E-TEC and Fitch Ram engines

Evinrude’s precise gasoline injection technology necessitates injector coding for best engine performance, since the engines are 2-stroke engines with fuel consumption and performance comparable to 4-stroke engines.

The revolutionary part of calibration that Jaltest provides is that it does not require obtaining the calibration file from Evinrude central services since it creates its own technique to retrieve the injection map of each injector.

Deactivation of the iBR braking system in Sea-Doo (BRP) jet skis

It has historically been one of the most sought activities and is regularly inquired about in the world of jet skis. The iBR system is an electronic braking system that, when it fails, reduces engine power. It’s highly expensive to fix, but with the former owner’s permission, the connection between the engine system and the brake system may be deactivated so that the latter does not limit the jet ski’s performance. Official service centres conduct this deactivation by enabling the OEM tool’s Engineering Mode.

Modification of the engine idle speed rate in Cummins QSC 8.3 engines

The modification of the engine idle speed rate is a crucial operation in the maritime industry, because different manoeuvring rates should be used based on the vessel application. Modifying this parameter in Cummins systems is a very straightforward and beneficial activity.

Calibration of the RiDE reverse gate in Yamaha jet skis

After component replacement or simply an accident capable of misaligning the gate mechanism, the electronic brake control system RiDE requires calibration. These collisions are rather typical during docking and land carriage of the jet ski. The calibration comprises of an automated learning process of the gate’s upper and lower limits.

Reset of the maintenance indicator in vessels with Mercury engines (Inboard/ Outboard)

A maintenance-request notice appears in the instrument cluster of Mercury inboard and outboard engine systems of the third generation (G3). Once the maintenance service has been completed, Jaltest can execute a counter reset, deleting the notice from the instrument cluster until the next maintenance service. This feature is useful and required for day-to-day operations with Mercury engines.

Calibrations and parameters of the different EVC modules of Volvo Penta

Calibrations and parameters like trim limits, lever calibration, joystick calibration, auto-configuration, and so on must be configured differently depending on the Volvo Penta EVC technology.

Jaltest will demonstrate in detail how to detect the various EVC technologies and how to conduct writing activities in the vessel, whether components have been removed or new installations have been installed.

Coding of keys and remote controllers of the main jet ski brands in the market

Jaltest includes crucial learning functionality for Sea-Doo (BRP) and Kawasaki. Additionally, Yamaha has enabled remote controller learning, allowing the jet ski to be locked. Aside from key/remote controller coding, there are also multiple driving modes that allow for more or lesser power based on the parametrized mode.

Injector coding in diesel engines

With Jaltest, it is possible to execute injector coding following the replacement of any of the injectors in manufacturers such as Volvo Penta, John Deere, Caterpillar, Volkswagen, Cummins, Mercruiser Diesel, VM Motori, Toyota Marine, and others.

This coding is dependent on the exact trim adjustment for each injector, allowing the control units to determine the ideal fuel injection at any moment.

Final Thoughts

Overall, Jaltest Marine is the best marine vessel diagnostics tool in the market. With its wide functionality and applications, as highlighted in the use cases, it’s capable of helping any technician improve the diagnostics & repair processes of marine vessels. Not only that, but it also supports 1499 models and 84 brands in total.

So, if you’re looking for a diagnostics tool for your marine vessel – feel free to get in touch with our team and we’ll be happy to assist.

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