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UK's leading supplier of commercial diagnostic tools.

At Eclipse, we're passionate about providing the very best in vehicle diagnostic tools and support to help you keep your fleet moving.

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With a customer base in the UK and around the world we aim to deliver innovative vehicle diagnostic products and telephone Technical Support second to none.

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Founded in 2005, Eclipse is one of the largest suppliers of multi-brand, commercial vehicle diagnostic tools.

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The Future of Vehicle Diagnostics: Why Jaltest Reigns Supreme

With more vehicles now on the road than ever before, it is paramount that they run smoothly and safely. This is where vehicle diagnostics come into play. Vehicle diagnostic tools are the unsung heroes, identifying issues before they escalate into costly repairs or dangerous road situations. Among these tools, Jaltest is the number one multi-brand […]

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The Future of Vehicle Diagnostics: Why Jaltest Reigns Supreme

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