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Overview of Jaltest Marine Diagnostics Software



From ever-evolving technology to changing demands – the world of diagnostics tools is wide and complex. And out of this whole wide world, we want to highlight Jaltest marine diagnostics software. More specifically, its functionality, applications, and some of the most frequently asked questions about it.

What is Jaltest Marine Diagnostics Software?

Jaltest Marine Diagnostics Software is the most comprehensive diagnostics tool in the marine market. It can be used in shipyards & workshops, for maintenance & diagnostics, for jet skis, vessels, or outboard, inboard & stationary engines.

In other words, if it floats – Jaltest diagnostics will help you fix it.

Applications & Functionality

As we’ve mentioned above, the software covers most of the marine vessels out there (84 brands & 1499 models). Ultimately, supporting you and your technicians by providing them with technical, service, and diagnostics data.

Additionally, the tool presents information in an intuitive and easy-to-understand way. Through technical information in wiring diagrams, guided fault diagnosis, and component locations – it will save you time & money.

For example, the software can identify the cause of a problem through troubleshooting in minutes, highlight & present possible causes, outline where the components are, and even allow you to program the new parts within the tool after completing fixes.


Moreover, the software is equipped with dealer-level functionality. Allowing you to carry out tasks like fuel pump or injector tests. Not only that, but Jaltest software comes with additional functionality in the form of ‘Expert Mode’. The mode allows users to complete actions that require modifications to ECUs – editing operating parameters, DPF replacements, sensor & actuator calibrations, and much more.

In addition, the tool possesses Jaltest GRP (Garage Resource Planning) functionality. This enables users to manage their workshops more effectively. The software centralises information, from clients, vehicles, and employees – providing convenient access to data and even allowing the user to overlook and delegate daily tasks.

Lastly, the GRP system can help you streamline invoicing process. The reports can be generated directly within the software and assigned to a specific customer – including a full list of repair times & faults.

Why should I invest in marine diagnostics tools?

Evolving technology in the transport industry extends to marine vessels as well. An overwhelming majority of modern systems are controlled by ECUs. Such as: the engine, central computer, helm control units, powertrain control units, instrument clusters, and steering among others. These all play vital roles in ensuring the proper operation of the vessel with several sensors and complex electronics.

In other words, going in blind without diagnostic software and attempting fixes can not only waste hours troubleshooting but cause onboard computers to stop working. This is especially relevant at a commercial scale.


Let’s say your workshop provides maintenance to a wide range of clients, servicing hundreds of marine vessels a month. Without diagnostics tools, maintenance takes longer and is less organised. Ultimately, leading to longer wait periods for your clients, busier technicians, and less profitability. Luckily, premium diagnostics tools like Jaltest can assist you with all that – often providing a return on investment in the first few months.

Moreover, once the software discovers the fault – it provides technicians with a repair guide & process. But even this is adjustable. The users can create customised guides and repair paths that suit their needs. In the end, a wide range of functionality and high-level customizability presents Jaltest as the ultimate marine diagnostics software for commercial & personal use alike.

Final Thoughts

All in all, Jaltest remains a diagnostics industry leader for a reason. The software’s functionality, accessibility, and customizability are close to none. Jaltest’s quality software accompanied by our technical support, on-site handover training, and further online courses will unlock the full capabilities of the marine diagnostics tools for you. Ultimately, saving precious time & money.

To recap, the key functionality of Jaltest Marine Diagnostics Software includes:

  • Manual diagnosis
  • Troubleshooting by error code or symptoms
  • Vessel service & technical data
  • Diagrams & wireframing
  • Jaltest GRP & Expert Mode
  • Dealer-level access

While we have you here, it might be worthwhile to check out our expert blog on the future of commercial vehicle diagnostics and all the innovations it’s bringing.

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