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Jaltest ADAS Calibration Equipment

Take your workshop further with Jaltest ADAS Calibration Equipment - a multi-brand solution for calibrating and testing ADAS on trucks, buses, coaches and light commercial vehicles.

Calibrations include lane departure, emergency braking and adaptive cruise control with pre-conditioning instructions, Diagnosis, Wiring Diagrams, Technical Data and Technical Procedures.


- Reading and Deleting of Fault codes
- Displaying of vehicle settings
- Live data reading/recording
- Parameter modifications
- Detailed interactive wiring diagrams
- Radar Calibration Static and Dynamic
- Lane Departure Calibration
- Emergency braking and adaptive cruise control calibration


Product features

Professional, universal and flexible calibration

Dynamic and static calibration

Folding modular frame

Self-centering wheel tools

Multi-brand targets

Wide coverage - 370+ models

Truck, bus and LCV

Step-by-step procedures


We’re here to support our customers, no matter the question.

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The ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems) are safety systems for driver support and they are increasingly present in new vehicles. Their functions include the management of the adaptive cruise control, object detection or lane departure detection.

These systems must often be readjusted after accidents, power window replacement, control unit replacement, adjustments in the vehicle chassis, inappropriate behaviours, etc.

With the majority of commercial vehicles manufactured over the past few years having some aspect of ADAS as part of their safety systems, and with most accident repairs requiring ADAS re-calibration, including windscreen replacement and suspension/steering adjustment, the probability that you will need to calibrate these systems is highly likely. Even the smallest misalignment of a radar or camera can cause the system to misjudge objects by a full lane, making the collision warning/avoidance aspect of the system ineffective and unsafe.

The multi-brand Jaltest ADAS calibration equipment covers 370 models, 30 brands and 25 systems across trucks, buses and light commercial vehicles.

You can check the full Jaltest coverage list here to see vehicle compatibility for ADAS calibration: https://www.jaltest.com/en/coverage/#cv

Yes, all available target boards are included with the ADAS package.

Yes, for existing Jaltest users, you can purchase the hardware-only ADAS package.


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When purchasing diagnostic products from Eclipse, our customers are reassured to know that we provide a dedicated telephone technical support service second to none.

Based at our headquarters in Derbyshire, our technical support team is comprised of both industry-trained vehicle technicians and IT experts so that whether you have a vehicle or IT query, we can help you. The use of industry links with manufacturers is invaluable allowing us to provide information, diagrams, procedures and data to our customers.

So with Eclipse, you're not just buying a diagnostic product, you're getting the complete package - a partnership, where we're here to help you get your vehicles back on the road.

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