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Testpad Extreme Pro®

The Eclipse Testpad Extreme® Pro is the ideal rugged handheld tablet PC, designed exclusively for the mobile workplace. The tablet PC features a brilliant 13" daylight readable touch-sensitive screen with a resolution of 2880 X 1920 for precise data entry and rapid information retrieval on the go.

Due to its long battery life, it can provide up to 16 hours of continuous diagnostic use, making it the ideal all-day companion for technical work. The Eclipse Testpad Extreme® Pro is a testament to enduring performance in challenging settings - designed with the rigours of the workshop in mind.

• Rugged military spec to MIL-STD 810G, 516.6 IV: 26
• 256GB Solid-state drive (SSD)
• Windows 11 operating system
• Intel i5 12th Gen Intel® Core™ processor
• Screen: 13" Display - Resolution: 2880 X 1920 (267 PPI)
• Wi-Fi 6E: 802.11ax compatible
• Bluetooth Wireless 5.1 technology
• Battery life 16 hours of typical device usage
• Hand cradle strap
• Carry handle
• Easel/Kickstand
• Premium screen protector
• Precision stylus
• Detachable keyboard with inbuilt trackpad

• 2 x USB-C (with USB 4.0/ Thunderbolt 4)
• Power (quick & secure magnetic design)
• 1 x Ø3.5mm, Audio Line out / Microphone

Testpad Extreme Pro


High-performance specifications


Up to 16 hours battery life

Outdoor-readable screen

Wi-Fi 6E: 802.11ax compatible

Bluetooth 5.1

LTE (mobile data) option available

Detachable keyboard cover


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A rugged workshop tablet PC, such as the Eclipse Testpad Extreme® Pro, is designed to endure the harsh conditions that are frequently seen in a workshop setting. This means it’s built to withstand elements like dust, dampness, harsh temperatures, and accidental drops, which might easily damage traditional tablets.

Despite their robust manufacturing, rugged workshop tablets have significant computing capabilities and can easily run a variety of software applications, like Jaltest diagnostics – making them a perfect tool for technicians who require mobility and durability without sacrificing performance.

While the Testpad Extreme® Pro is built to last, we understand that technical problems might arise. In such cases, we offer next-day repair to ensure as little downtime and disturbance to your operations as possible. This means you may swiftly return to your tasks with as little disruption as possible.

The term ‘military-grade’ refers to standards established by numerous departments of defence, most notably the US Department of Defence. Products labelled ‘military-grade’ have passed extensive testing for durability and dependability under extreme conditions such as temperature changes, shocks, vibrations, and resistance to dust & water.

This ensures that they can perform well in challenging environments, such as those encountered during military operations, or in this case – a workshop.

The Eclipse Testpad Extreme® Pro has a robust processing capability that allows it to run numerous software applications at the same time. For example, when utilising the Jaltest Diagnostics software, it is as simple as installing and launching it on the tablet.

The rugged tablet PC, with its user-friendly interface, provides a dependable and efficient platform for maximising the software’s potential in an everyday workshop setting.


Dedicated customer support, beyond the purchase.

When purchasing diagnostic products from Eclipse, our customers are reassured to know that we provide a dedicated telephone technical support service second to none.

Based at our headquarters in Derbyshire, our technical support team is comprised of both industry-trained vehicle technicians and IT experts so that whether you have a vehicle or IT query, we can help you. The use of industry links with manufacturers is invaluable allowing us to provide information, diagrams, procedures and data to our customers.

So with Eclipse, you're not just buying a diagnostic product, you're getting the complete package - a partnership, where we're here to help you get your vehicles back on the road.

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