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What is Jaltest Software?

Jaltest Software is a cutting-edge diagnostic tool that is set to transform the vehicle repair sector. This industry-leading software goes beyond typical diagnostics to provide a complete repair solution for a wide range of vehicles. It supports numerous manufacturers by supplying specialists with crucial technical data, accurate wiring diagrams, and precise component locations. This wealth of information speeds up troubleshooting and improves the overall repair process.

Jaltest Diagnostic Software helps technicians to maximise productivity and decrease vehicle downtime by simplifying complex processes - making it an irreplaceable tool in the modern workshop.


What can Jaltest’s diagnostics software do?

Jaltest software is an all-in-one tool that simplifies vehicle diagnostics and repairs. It provides interactive wiring diagrams, exact component locations, and step-by-step troubleshooting instructions. It can also deliver important vehicle data such as OEM adjustment torques, reference readings, and test values. The software estimates repair timeframes, allowing personnel to manage their workflow more effectively.

It is ideal for carrying out diagnostics checks on commercial vehicles, including trucks, trailers, and buses, as well as AGVs, boats, off-highway machinery, and more.


OEM fault codes

Unlike some other tools, Jaltest uses the same fault codes as the manufacturer of the vehicle. Making the repairer’s life easier - as they will have access to a universally understood code that can be obtained and provided to the dealer if needed.

To get further information about what exactly has failed, Jaltest users have access to fault code descriptions, which give a brief description of what the fault is and what system it relates to. These fault code descriptions are user-friendly making the process of diagnosing a fault much easier.


Step-by-step troubleshooting guides

Jaltest diagnostics software's step-by-step troubleshooting guides are a standout feature. These detailed guidelines make complex errors easier to diagnose by breaking them down into digestible steps.

Each guide provides step-by-step instructions that take technicians from problem identification to solutions. This systematic approach improves efficiency, ensures accuracy in fault diagnostics, and supports effective problem resolutions.

And with SMART guides, it makes this process even easier by linking directly to the actions to be carried out (testing procedures, calibrations, resets, component replacement, etc.)


Interactive wiring diagrams

Jaltest's interactive wiring diagrams considerably improve the diagnostic process. Specific components are highlighted as users move their mouse across these diagrams, allowing for easy identification.

Furthermore, critical information linked with each component - such as important documents, technical data, comments, and physical location - may be accessed directly from the interface. This function not only simplifies component identification but also gives extensive context, allowing for a more efficient and informed repair process.


Displaying/graphing of live data

Jaltest's ability to display and graph live data is one of its core features. This software not only displays real-time test results on a graph but also gives the expected or optimal value for each parameter. By comparing these numbers, technicians can quickly and reliably identify components that differ from their optimum performance, hence identifying potential problems.


System operation diagrams

Jaltest's system operation diagrams are a great feature for simplifying complex vehicle systems. The diagnostics software displays comprehensive pneumatic, electrical, and fuel line diagrams, together with their technical values, photos, locations, and more.

Jaltest improves a technician's understanding and efficiency by providing a comprehensive visual representation and contextual data for these systems - expediting the troubleshooting and repair processes.


System checks and component actuations

The diagnostic software's features include system checks and component actuation tests - allowing for a full review of a vehicle's health. The tool can perform a variety of tests, including cylinder compression and cut-out tests, AdBlue dosing tests, injector buzz testing, clutch wear tests, and many more.

These checks cover a wide range of vehicle systems, including the engine, gearbox, body computer, brakes, suspension, and after-treatment system, etc. Jaltest ensures a full understanding of a vehicle's condition by providing a comprehensive assessment, which supports precise diagnosis and repairs.


Programming & calibrations

Jaltest software enables precise component calibrations and control unit programming, including clutch calibrations, injector coding, and key programming, among other things. Jaltest also allows you to change parameters within specific Electronic Control Units (ECUs) - allowing for customised vehicle configuration and optimised performance.

This feature expands the tool's adaptability, making it a one-stop shop for vehicle diagnostics and repairs.



In addition, Jaltest supports advanced maintenance capabilities, broadening its utility in vehicle servicing even further. The software may conduct a variety of tasks, such as DPF regeneration and service resets, as well as Advanced Emergency Braking System (AEBS) resets, air dryer resets, Malfunction Indicator Lamp (MIL) resets, etc.

Jaltest maintenance features ensure that vehicles keep their optimal operating condition - increasing longevity and preserving their performance.


Garage Resource Planning

GRP (Garage Resource Planning) is the workshop management solution included in Jaltest Diagnostics that allows you to organise and manage the activity of your workshop. It centralises customer information, vehicles and reports, which is accessible at any time and from any device. Share client information, vehicle data and diagnostics reports, work order management, repair times and much more.

GRP allows you to record the work that you've done to a vehicle, the errors that were found and generate a complete diagnosis report of a repair from start to finish, which, if you're a technician, can be used as proof of service and justify costs to customers.


Repair times

Time efficiency is critical in the context of vehicle repair. Jaltest helps with this by offering estimated repair timeframes, allowing technicians to better manage their workflow and increase efficiency.

These estimates provide technicians with an accurate indication of how long each repair will take, allowing them to organise their schedules accordingly. Jaltest helps workshops operate at optimum efficiency, saving time and improving profitability by streamlining task management.


Component locations

Jaltest software pinpoints the exact position of a faulty component within the vehicle using graphical cues and real-life imagery. This not only expedites troubleshooting but also decreases the possibility of improper or unneeded component manipulations.

Jaltest significantly improves vehicle repair efficiency and accuracy by directing technicians straight to the cause of an issue.


Vehicle technical data

Jaltest provides access to vehicle-specific technical data that is geared to Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) specifications. This includes adjustment torques, reference measurements, parameters, diagrams, and more for common vehicle adjustments.

With this information at their disposal, technicians can execute repairs and changes to precise manufacturer standards - ensuring accurate and optimal vehicle performance.


Releases and procedures

Jaltest provides extensive instructions for performing routine maintenance operations. Each guide includes step-by-step instructions, diagrams, and images to help technicians complete maintenance jobs correctly and efficiently by eliminating guesswork and potential errors.


Service manuals

Jaltest also gives you access to Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) service manuals, which cover both mileage and servicing time intervals. Each service type described in the manual includes a comprehensive list of required maintenance procedures.

This guarantees that technicians can precisely follow manufacturer requirements when maintaining vehicles, ensuring optimal performance and longevity.

Flight Record

Data Recorder

Data recorder allows you to select from a range of sensor parameters across the vehicle and then record them to see how these values change and what faults occur over the duration of a road test. You can play back the recording to see exactly when a fault code appears and then, via the measurements section, what was causing the fault to occur by looking at the live sensor readings.

As with all live data in Jaltest, it gives you not only the actual value (relative) but also the required value (absolute) so you can see what the sensor readings should be, giving you a better idea of what the source of the fault is.

CAN Diagrams

CAN Topology

A recent addition to the software is the ability to view CAN topology. When you do a system scan in Jaltest, it will now give you the option of viewing the different systems in a traditional list or a CAN architecture view, which many technicians prefer. Each system in the CAN scan view is colour coded by whether they have an active fault code, inactive fault code or no fault code at all - which makes it easier to see the source of the fault and the overall health of the vehicle.

Communication bus test

OBD Test

With Jaltest, you can test that all the pins on the vehicle's OBD port are working correctly by carrying out the communication bus test. Doing this allows you to verify the power supply, as well as the connection and see any communication errors in the diagnostics connector of the vehicle. In addition, the user interface displays a visual confirmation of the communication bus test by indicating the pins of the OBD and 9-pin Deutsch connectors that are checked.

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