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The Common Problems Diagnosed by Vehicle Diagnostic Software

The Common Problems Diagnosed by Vehicle Diagnostic Software


It is clear that vehicle diagnostic software has revolutionised the way we maintain and repair our vehicles. By providing real-time data and comprehensive diagnostics, these tools have become indispensable for both professional mechanics and everyday vehicle owners.

Jaltest, a leading name in the industry, offers robust diagnostic solutions tailored for various types of vehicles through its wide range of diagnostic software, including CV (Commercial Vehicles), AGV (Agricultural Equipment), OHW (Off-Highway Equipment), MHE (Material Handling) software, and EDIS II for cars and light commercial vehicles.

In this article, we highlight the common problems diagnosed by vehicle diagnostic software, with a specific focus on how Jaltest highlights these issues.

Understanding Vehicle Diagnostic Software

Vehicle diagnostic software interfaces with a vehicle’s onboard computer systems, reading data from various sensors and modules to identify faults and performance issues. This process involves connecting a diagnostic tool to the vehicle’s OBD-II port, which then communicates with the vehicle’s Electronic Control Unit (ECU). The software interprets error codes (Diagnostic Trouble Codes or DTCs) and provides detailed information about the vehicle’s health and existing problems.

Jaltest Diagnostic Software Overview

Jaltest offers specialised diagnostic software for different vehicle categories, including:

Each of these software solutions provides a comprehensive diagnostic suite that helps identify and resolve a wide range of issues. Let’s explore some of the common problems diagnosed by these tools.

Common Problems Diagnosed by Vehicle Diagnostic Software

  1. Engine Performance Issues – Engine problems are among the most frequently diagnosed issues. These can range from misfires, poor fuel efficiency, and lack of power to more serious concerns like overheating or failure to start. Jaltest software identifies these problems by reading data from the engine control module (ECM), analysing parameters such as fuel pressure, air intake, and exhaust emissions.For instance, Jaltest CV can detect issues in commercial vehicle engines by monitoring real-time performance metrics and providing detailed reports on fuel injector performance, turbocharger efficiency, and exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) system status. Similarly, Jaltest AGV diagnoses engine problems in agricultural machinery by analysing critical factors like engine load, coolant temperature, and fuel quality.
  2. Transmission and Drivetrain Problems – Transmission issues can severely affect a vehicle’s performance and drivability. Common problems include gear slippage, delayed shifting, and unusual noises. Jaltest diagnostic software assesses the transmission control module (TCM) to identify faults such as sensor failures, hydraulic system issues, or electronic malfunctions.Jaltest OHW, for example, excels in diagnosing transmission problems in off-highway equipment, where complex hydrostatic transmissions are common. It provides insights into transmission fluid pressure, clutch engagement, and gear ratios, enabling accurate identification of issues.
  3. Brake System Faults – The brake system is critical for vehicle safety, and any faults need immediate attention. Common brake-related problems include ABS (Anti-lock Braking System) malfunctions, brake fluid leaks, and worn-out brake pads. Jaltest software can diagnose these issues by interfacing with the brake control module.In the UK, where commercial vehicles frequently navigate challenging conditions, Jaltest CV offers invaluable diagnostics by checking ABS sensors, brake actuators, and hydraulic circuits. This ensures that vehicles comply with stringent safety regulations and operate reliably.
  4. Emission Control Failures – Emission control is vital for reducing environmental impact and complying with legal standards. Common issues include contaminated Diesel Oxidation Catalysts (DOCs), clogged or blocked Diesel Particulate Filters (DPFs), faulty oxygen sensors, and exhaust leaks. Jaltest diagnostic software monitors the emissions control system to detect faults that can lead to increased emissions.Jaltest AGV is particularly effective in agricultural machinery, where emission standards are becoming increasingly stringent. It helps farmers ensure their equipment meets UK and EU emission regulations by identifying problems with diesel oxidation catalysts, diesel particulate filters (DPF), and other emission control components.
  5. Electrical System Issues – Modern vehicles are equipped with complex electrical systems that control everything from lighting and infotainment to critical engine functions. Common electrical problems include dead batteries, faulty alternators, and wiring issues. Jaltest software diagnoses these problems by checking the vehicle’s electrical circuits and components.For example, Jaltest OHW is adept at diagnosing electrical issues in off-highway equipment, where harsh working environments can lead to frequent electrical failures. It provides detailed diagnostics of battery health, alternator output, and electrical connections, ensuring reliable operation in demanding conditions.
  6. Hydraulic System Problems – Hydraulic systems are crucial in both agricultural and off-highway equipment, controlling everything from steering to lifting mechanisms. Common problems include fluid leaks, pressure loss, and valve malfunctions. Jaltest diagnostic software evaluates hydraulic system performance by analysing pressure sensors, fluid levels, and actuator conditions.Jaltest AG’s diagnostics for hydraulic systems are essential for maintaining the efficiency of agricultural equipment. It helps farmers detect leaks, pressure irregularities, and component wear, ensuring that machinery operates smoothly during critical planting and harvesting seasons.
  7. ADAS Faults – Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) are designed to enhance vehicle safety and driving comfort, but they can experience faults that may affect their performance. This includes sensor malfunctions, software glitches, software wear and tear, compatibility issues, and more, which highlights the requirement for ADAS calibration equipment. The multi-brand Jaltest ADAS calibration equipment covers 370 models, 30 brands and 25 systems across trucks, buses and light commercial vehicles.

Highlighting Problems with Jaltest Software

Jaltest software not only identifies these common problems but also provides detailed, actionable insights to address them. Its user-friendly interface and comprehensive diagnostic capabilities make it a powerful tool for both professional mechanics and vehicle owners. Here’s how Jaltest highlights problems in its diagnostic process:

  • Real-time Data Monitoring: Jaltest software continuously monitors vehicle parameters in real-time, providing instant feedback on performance issues.
  • Comprehensive Error Code Library: The software includes an extensive database of diagnostic trouble codes, allowing it to accurately identify and interpret faults.
  • Detailed Reports: After diagnostics, Jaltest generates detailed reports that outline the identified problems, their severity, and recommended corrective actions.
  • Guided Diagnostics: For complex issues, Jaltest offers guided diagnostics that walk users through the troubleshooting process, ensuring accurate and efficient problem resolution.
  • Regular Updates: Jaltest frequently updates its software to include the latest vehicle models and diagnostic procedures, ensuring it remains relevant and effective.


Vehicle diagnostic software like Jaltest plays a crucial role in maintaining the health and performance of various types of vehicles. By diagnosing common problems such as engine performance issues, transmission faults, brake system malfunctions, emission control failures, electrical problems, and hydraulic system issues, Jaltest ensures that vehicles operate safely and efficiently. Its comprehensive diagnostics and user-friendly features make it an invaluable tool for addressing the challenges faced by commercial, agricultural, and off-highway vehicles, particularly in demanding markets like the UK.

By leveraging the power of Jaltest diagnostic software, vehicle owners and mechanics can proactively manage maintenance, prevent costly repairs, and ensure compliance with safety and environmental regulations.

Speak to our friendly team today to learn more and order your vehicle diagnostic software.

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