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Jaltest Central Services Now Available

Jaltest Central Services

Advanced programming – previously thought to be a main dealer-only function. Well, today, that changes!

If you are not already aware, we are pleased to announce that Jaltest Central Services is now available to our customers!

The increasing complexity of vehicles and the necessity for diagnostic tools have led to new market demands. This has resulted in Cojali launching Jaltest Central Services in March 2024, which allows technicians to carry out advanced functions such as the reprogramming of certain ECUs – never before seen in any aftermarket diagnostics tool.

The good news is that Jaltest Central Services are included in the latest Jaltest Diagnostics software (V24.1), meaning that technicians will readily have access to them whenever required.

Furthermore, Central Services is included in the SMART troubleshooting guides that link to the required service you need to carry out, with appropriate times to run these functions, in order to address certain fault codes and failures.

At Eclipse, we are offering Central Services to all our Jaltest customers, providing them access to a whole range of advanced programming capabilities, which were only previously available in OEM dealer tools.

Regarding Central Services, a Cojali spokesperson said:

“Thanks to this service, the client can contact our expert technicians, who will assist them in carrying out exclusive functions that could not be performed with Jaltest or any other aftermarket tool until now, such as the reprogramming of certain ECUs.”

How it Works:

Customers will buy a “token” for the service they require from Eclipse, before booking a time slot for when the technicians will remotely access their PC to perform the tasks required.

The cost of each token is far less than the cost of buying a dealer tool or getting the dealer to carry out the work for them.

What services are available:

Currently, the below services are available. However, more will be added in future updates.

Copy and paste SAC parameters for DAF

After replacing a DAF air dryer module, this service will allow our technicians to program the new air dryer in DAF vehicles to make it compatible with the vehicle where it is installed. Normally, the fault code of the control unit indicates “Control unit, software error”, for example, 521000-12.

Purchase here.

Cummins ECM calibration update

With this service, our technicians will perform an update to the calibration revision of Cummins control units to improve the engine performance and efficiency, and it allows you to clear fault codes that require this function, for example, 2772, 2773, 3697 and 3714.

Purchase here

Mercedes-Benz Gen4 ECU reprogramming

With this service, our technicians will reprogram your Mercedes-Benz control unit in the case where it’s been replaced or malfunctioned. These are some of the fault codes that usually require this operation: 58F0E2 and 63F3EE. Nevertheless, follow the Jaltest guidance process (Smart Guides) to guarantee a correct and efficient repair.

Purchase here

Why not buy in advance?

The various Central Services offerings can be purchased from our eShop. While you can buy these services as and when you need them, we would recommend purchasing them in advance so that when a job comes in that requires advanced programming, all your technicians need to do is call us up and book a time slot. It might be beneficial for your workshop to have these services ready in advance to avoid delays.

Once you purchase one of these services, we’ll then add this to your records so that when you need to organise the service to be carried out, it’s ready for you.

Learn More:

You can discover more about Central Services here.

Or you can purchase the services directly from the eShop here.

Speak to a member of our team today about this exciting new addition to the Jaltest Diagnostic software.

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