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Jaltest Central Services

Perform advanced programming on your Jaltest Diagnostics tool via remote assistance

Central Services

What is Central Services?

Central Services is a revolutionary new service from Jaltest which allows technicians to carry out advanced functions such as the reprogramming of certain ECUs – never before seen in any aftermarket diagnostics tool. Once a time slot is scheduled, expert technicians from Cojali will remotely connect to your Jaltest Diagnostics tool and carry out the requested actions.

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No additional hardware required

Thanks to Central Services being included in the Jaltest Diagnostics software, it doesn’t require any additional hardware or software, making it a simple process.

Pay per use

No subscription is needed for this service, since Jaltest offers the possibility of paying per use. Use it according to your needs, by paying only for what you need (Jaltest equipment with licence in force is required).

Expert technicians

Our technicians are expertly trained and qualified to perform advanced programming tasks through your Jaltest Diagnostics tool.

The Process

How it works

Step 1 – Buy the required service from our online shop.

Step 2 – Once the purchase is successful please contact a member of the Eclipse support team on 01283 249810 option 2 option 1 to organise a suitable date and time for the service to be carried out.

Step 3 – Finally, our technicians will carry out the remote service on the agreed time/date.

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As mentioned in the terms and conditions of Jaltest software, there are some requirements previous to subscription to the Central Services to take into account:
1. The client must have a licence for the module or brand for which they are requesting the service in the moment of the remote service.
2. An Internet connection is required to access the Jaltest Central Services module. A fast and stable connection is mandatory to guarantee this service.
3. The purpose of this service is not to assess whether the vehicle needs this function but to provide the requested function remotely. The client can subscribe to technical support to receive information on how to repair the vehicle.
4. These functions are not included in the technical support subscription and does not involve the repair of the vehicle but the implementation of the requested action.
5. You will be fully responsible for the actions taken by Cojali following your instructions.
6. Cojali liability is limited solely to the proper implementation of the requested action; therefore, you agree and acknowledge that Cojali shall not be liable for any direct damages, indirect damages or damages arising from the provision of the service.
7. In the event that Cojali is unable to provide the service, a refund will be made for the amount paid.
8. In the event of non-payment of this service, Cojali reserves the right to suspend or revoke your Jaltest licence of use.

Top Tip

Why not buy in advance?

The various Central Services offerings can be purchased from our eShop. While you can buy these services as and when you need them, we would recommend purchasing them in advance so that when a job comes in that requires advanced programming, all your technicians need to do is call us up and book a time slot. It might be beneficial for your workshop to have these services ready in advance to avoid delays.

Once you purchase one of these services, we'll then add this to your records so that when you need to organise the service to be carried out, it's ready for you.

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