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Jaltest and Cyber Security: Protecting your Vehicle’s Data and Systems

Jaltest and Cybersecurity: Protecting your Vehicle’s Data and Systems

As vehicles and diagnostic equipment become smarter, cyber security in the automotive industry is becoming a growing concern for vehicle owners and repairers. 

So today, we will be introducing you to Security GateWay (SGW), how it impacts service, repair, and diagnostics on vehicles, as well as how Eclipse can support you and your workshop to cope with these, along with other new automotive technologies.

Why is secure diagnostic access needed?

As quickly as technology advances, hackers are being just as alert to find new ways to gain access to your important information. So, effective cyber security is required to avoid manipulation, hacker attacks and cyber security threats.

Commercial vehicle brands including IVECO / IRISBUS and FCA (Fiat Chrysler Automobiles) are just a few brands that are protected by the SGW security module provided by Jaltest.

What do I need to know about the Security GateWay (SGW)?

What is an SGW?

A Security GateWay (SGW) is a new form of technology which original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) use to secure the vehicle network and control access. This means that without an account or trusted partner token, a repairer’s access to the vehicle’s diagnostic network will vary.

Here is a list of OEMs that require an SGW account:

  • FCA (now called Stellantis) – Requires most 2018 and later vehicle models to have an account with AutoAuth.
  • Renault – New models (from 2022) will require an account with Renault.

How does it affect service, repair, and diagnostics?

Some vehicles will be protected by the SGW security module which prevents unauthorised diagnostics and security attacks. 

When using an unauthorised diagnostics tool, this module will limit the diagnostic functionalities including bidirectional tests, DTC clearing and other functions necessary to carry out the complete repair of a vehicle.

Look at some of the functions locked by SGW on commercial vehicle brands:


  • Advanced functionalities
  • Components actuation
  • Maintenance and calibration

FCA (now called Stellantis)

  • Components actuation
  • Maintenance and calibration
  • Error clearance

How can Eclipse support me?

FCA vehicles (now under the name Stellantis), have been protected since 2018 with the SGW security module (Secure GateWay), to prevent any unauthorised diagnostics or security hacks.

By choosing Jaltest, you are able to gain access to protected FCA vehicles that are equipped with the SGW module for a small extra subscription charge. This means you have an easy connection between the user diagnostic tool and the manufacturer’s authentication servers.

Find out how to gain access to SGW-protected vehicles on Jaltest:


Furthermore, here at Eclipse we have industry-trained support staff who can provide the technical support you need – whether you have an IT query or it is something more vehicle-related, we will go above and beyond to ensure you get the immediate answers when you need it most.

Are you considering making an investment in Jaltest diagnostic tools? Get in touch with our knowledgeable team today for a no-obligation chat.

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