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Why Do I Need Fleet Management Tools?

Why Do I Need Fleet Management Tools?

Fleet management software is an imperative tool for fleet managers. Providing real-time visibility across operations, increasing driver satisfaction, and reducing fuel usage, are just some of the benefits of the predictive analytics and accurate reporting functions.

In today’s article, we will be providing an overview of fleet management tools and why Jaltest Telematics is the ultimate fleet management solution.

What is fleet management?

Any organisation that requires commercial vehicles to function will be involved in some form of fleet management activity. The purpose of fleet management is to have complete oversight of overall fleet performance and manage fleet maintenance, to increase productivity and help business operations run as smoothly as possible.

Fleet management companies will often use telematics software, like Jaltest Telematics, to enhance fleet efficiency and aid with the reduction of operational costs.

What are the benefits of using fleet management software?

Managing a fleet of vehicles can be a difficult task, regardless of how many vehicles there are. By using fleet management software such as Jaltest Telematics, fleet managers can gain real-time visibility into their day-to-day operations, in addition to other benefits including:

  • Cost Control – By having KPI indicators in place, fleet managers can evaluate the economic impact on the company, based on the data collected on investment in fuel, breakdown times, inactive times, etc.
  • Decision-Making Based on Data – When using Jaltest Telematics, it allows users to control, manage and administer all the information from the fleet state in real time, speeding up and optimising decision-making.
  • Efficiency Increase – Having access to complete data in real time makes this tool the best solution for detecting trends and performance levels, meaning fleet managers can act quickly to increase the efficiency of their fleet.
  • Predictive Maintenance – Jaltest Telematics has the capability to detect breakdowns before they occur, anticipating any problems derived from them which means that the vehicles are always in optimal condition to travel.
  • A more sustainable and environmental fleet.
  • Reduced Repair Times – When using Jaltest’s fleet management system, users have access to the workshop 4.0 module. This makes it possible to not only predict and prevent breakdowns, but also the ability to solve the issues quickly. With the remote diagnostics feature, workshops can perform the necessary procedures remotely and have the necessary spare parts or repair tools ready for the vehicle’s arrival.
  • TCO Reduction – Jaltest’s model combines all the features that fleet management needs, helping companies reduce the direct and indirect costs of purchasing different software programs.
  • Quality Assurance – In-house hardware/software solution and manufacture, controlling the product life cycle and guaranteeing maximum quality standards.
  • Safety Increase – The fleet management system increases your fleet safety by reducing contingencies on the road and vehicle unavailability, apart from monitoring driving assistance systems in real-time.

Why is Jaltest Telematics the best fleet management solution?

Whilst many other telematics and fleet management solutions may have some great qualities, Jaltest digs deeper into the specific requirements fleet managers may be looking for in a solution. This system isn’t just an easy-to-use software, it’s a one-stop-shop for all your telematics data. It contains all the important information you will need to manage every aspect of your fleet.

It uses its capabilities from the Jaltest multi-brand software to provide real-time diagnostic information of any brand and onboard system of the vehicle, obtaining the data directly from the ECU.

  • It provides access to all vehicle parameters including brake pad wear, temperature, pressure, revolutions etc.
  • It enables fault code identification, interpretation (with detailed descriptions), and clearance remotely.
  • It allows users to perform procedures remotely, including remote particulate filter regeneration and other advanced functions.


Fleet management software is an imperative tool for fleet managers to have complete oversight of all fleet performance and maintenance, increasing productivity and ensuring business operations continue to run smoothly.

By using solutions such as Jaltest Telematics, managers can gain access to a one-stop-shop solution, gaining access to data that oversees every aspect of their fleet.

Are you looking for a fleet management tool that optimises fleet efficiency, performs predictive maintenance and more? Get in touch with our team of experts today, to find out more about the Jaltest Telematics solution.

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