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Jaltest 14.2 Released – Euro 6 Special


Jaltest Soft 14.2 builds on the initial Euro 6 coverage introduced in 14.1 and continues to add new brands, models and systems.


This release brings the number of brands covered to 192, offering 3,744 vehicle models and 3,1951 systems.  There are now an enormous 6,564 Technical information articles and 12,344 System Wiring Diagrams!



  • LF 
  • CF MX-11 
  • CF MX-13
  • XF (Previously listed as DAF XF106/XF116)

The Paccar Common-Rail Injection PCI is a newly added system and there are enhancements in the following main systems:

  • EAS-3 Emission After-treatment System
  • ECAS-4 Electronic Control Air Suspension
  • EBS 3 Electronic Braking System
  • SAC Smart Air supply Control
  • VIC-3 Vehicle intelligent Controller
  • DIP-5 Digital Instrument Panel


New Stralis Hi-Way, Hi-Road and Hi-Street Euro 6 models have been developed and main systems are covered by diagnosis.

  • EDC 17 CV41 Electronic Diesel Control
  • EBS 2 Smart Electronic Braking System


More Euro 6 coverage with these models:

  • TGL 
  • TGM 
  • TGS 
  • TGX

The main systems developed for these vehicles:

  • EDC 17 Electronic Diesel Control
  • NONOX Exhaust gas after-treatment system

Mercedes Benz

There are new diagnostic functions for Actros, Antos and Arocs models:

  • DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter) replacement in ACM (After-treatment Control Module)
  • Service data reset in MS (Maintenance System)


  • Service warning reset is now available for all DXi models in the Maintenance System
  • TBV Gearbox Management System for older DCi Premium and Magnum models is now available
  • All ECS Electronically Controlled Suspension parameters can now be modified


  • For PDE engine type models all dignostic functions are now available in the EMS Engine Management System – this includes NOx data reset.
  • SMS Suspension Management System gains pressure sensor calibration and activations.


  • EDC Engine Management diagnostic functions for Euro 5 vehicles are now present – of partiucular note is DPFDiesel Particulate Filter regeneration
  • ESA Electronically-controlled Steering Axle calibration has been introduced

Light Commercial Vehicles

14.2 sees improvements and additions to Technical Information, mainly wiring diagrams and system technical data for various LCV brands including Citroën and Fiat.

Mercedes Benz

  • DPF Diesel Particulate Filter regeneration procedure for Sprinter models running CR/EDC 16 CP31 (Common rail)
  • DPF Diesel Particulate Filter regeneration procedure in CDID2 Electronic Diesel Control for Sprinter models running OM651 engines
  • EGS SSG Sprinter gearbox learning process


  • Transit injector coding and parameter modification of Delphi EEC5/EDC CR


For all F G H & N series Isuzu vehicles:

  • 4HK1-TC Electronc Diesel Control
  • 6HK1-TC Electronc Diesel Control


  • EDC Electronic Diesel Control ECCS ZD-K for Phase II Mascott DXi models including injector calibration and DPF Diesel Particulate Filter regeneration
  • Body Computer 3.7 on Master DCi models


Many new brands added:

  • Buhler Versatile adding models with Cummins engines
  • Challenger adding models with Caterpillar engines
  • Energreen adding the ILFF model with John Deere engines
  • Frank Kleine adding the SSF10 model with Volvo engines
  • Hürlimann adding XBB, XL, XM, XS, XT Series models
  • JCB adding Fastack models
  • Laverda adding M Series models with Caterpillar engines
  • Ropa addding the Euro‐Tiger Series of models

Existing brands gain important innovations and technical information:

  • Case
  • Claas
  • Deutz-Fahr
  • Fendt
  • John Deere
  • Lamborghini
  • Massey Ferguson
  • New Holland
  • Same

New software functions

GRP Synchro

GRP (Garage Reception and Productivity) is the module where you manage the vehicles that have been worked on using Jaltest. The continued development of this useful function sees the introduction of GRP Synchro to allow data to be shared and synchronised between different software installations associated with one Jaltest Link.

A new icon in the status bar shows the current status of GRP Synchro. The GRP Menu has gained two items Brands Portfolio & Reports which were formerly in the Main Menu.

Battery indicator

Another new icon shows the battery status of the laptop or Eclipse Testpad running Jaltest Soft.

License reminder

Once you have updated to the latest version of Jaltest Soft the equipment must be registered online otherwise the software will be blocked.

Please therefore ensure that you have completed this step by checking that Jaltest runs before accepting mobile diagnostic jobs with no chance of Internet access.

Visit Jaltest and login with your username and password to download the update from the client area.

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