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Jaltest 24.1 Software Update Released

We are pleased to report that Jaltest has now released their latest diagnostic software update, which has made the leading multi-brand diagnostic software better than ever before!

As you would expect, the latest update is packed full of new innovations and improvements across all vehicle types, which covers the following vehicle types: Agricultural Vehicles, Commercial Vehicles, Off-Highway Machinery, Marine Vessels and Material Handling Equipment.


What’s new in 24.1?

Thanks to enhancements to the user interface, it’s now possible to:

  • Add new formats to the table cells and highlight data.
  • Attach the diagnostics report to a Jaltest Feedback.
  • Keep the expert mode active in each software login.
  • Delete fault codes directly from the results of a system scan process.
New in 24.1: Jaltest Central Services – a revolutionary new service from Jaltest which allows technicians to carry out advanced functions such as the reprogramming of certain ECUs – never before seen in any aftermarket diagnostics tool. Learn more here


Jaltest CV

  • DAF SAC compressed air treatment and generation system, control unit programming through Jaltest Central Services support
  • VOLVO FH FM/FMX Electric V4 [2023 – …] and B5TL added
  • Wiring diagrams by model in S-Way, T-Way, X-Way and Stralis Euro 6
  • MAN Technical data in TG3 Series models with new vehicle data for 15,2 540/640 and 6,9 250 configurations, among others
  • MERCEDES-BENZ Control unit programming through Jaltest Central Services support in the Actros 4 model.
  • Calibration process update of the MDD and MDP wing mirror cameras for those variants in Actros 5 and Arocs 5 models for which calibration templates are not required.
  • Haldex EB+ 4.0 EBS brake control system that includes the parameter copying and pasting, modulator checks, brake pressure simulation, as well as wiring diagrams and technical information of the system.
  • CUMMINS Update of the Cummins control unit revision through Jaltest Central Services support.
  • And…much more!
Read the full innovations list here.


Jaltest AGV

  • New trailing implement brand – SILOKING
  • New models, such as CLASS Axion 9X0 (A64), engine: Tier 5/ Stage V and LANDINI 5 Series, engine: Tier 5/ Stage V
  • New repair SMART guides by fault code in the FPT EDC MD1 CS069 engine control system, present in several models of tractor and self-propelled and trailing implement brands, such as CNH, JOHN DEERE, LANDINI, MCCORMICK or PELLENC, among others.
  • Overall, new manual diagnostics in several models of different brands such as CASE iH, JCB, JOHN DEERE, KUBOTA, MASSEY FERGUSON or NEW HOLLAND, among others.
  • NEW HOLLAND DEC transmission, calibration for T8 Genesis Series – Full Power Shift models, engine: Tier 5/ Stage V and T9 PLM Series, engine: Tier 2/ Stage II- Final Tier 4/ Stage IV.
  • And…much more!
Read the full innovations list here.



Jaltest OHW

  • This version includes LJUGBY MASKIN and VÖGELE brands.
  • LIEBHERR New models for self-propelled cranes.
  • XCMG 25 new models
  • New brands such as LJUGBY MASKIN, MENZI MUCK, MULTIONE and VM LOADER, and new models available for BOBCAT, XCMG and YANMAR brands.
  • It is important to note the development of new advanced actions such as the exhaust gas aftertreatment system checks in the EMR5 EDC MD1 engine control system in STAGE V Deutz engines. This system is available for STATIONARY ENGINE or other brands such as AMMAN, DYNAPAC or WEIDEMANN.
  • BOMAG TCD 12.0 EMR4 EDC17 CV52 (on SAE J1939) engine control system, system checks, parameters and maintenance services.
  • New advanced actions developed in the MCM central computer system of CATERPILLAR for D Series compact dozers.
  • And…much more!
Read the full innovations list here



Jaltest Marine

  • VOLVO PENTA Coding of electronic keys (e-Key) of EVC D and EVC E systems. Component technical data in SUS and SCU systems of D5, D6 and D7 models.
  • Yanmar Bosch engine control system, idle modification, maintenance reset, injector coding and new operation data.
  • CRUSADER New 8.2 MPI model that includes diagnostics functions in the MEFI 3-4 engine control system, wiring diagrams and troubleshooting guides.
  • MAN New D2862 LE466/476 model that includes wiring diagrams, vessel technical data and maintenance services.
  • MERCURY MerCruiser System Display in the trim calibration in PCM, PCM-09 G3 and PCM-112 G3 engine control systems. Operation data in ECM and PCM engine control systems.
  • MERCURY DIESEL New software references in the most up-to-date models of SIM and TVM systems. Wiring diagram configurations for models of 3.0 litres equipped with the EDC 17 engine control system, system that includes the System Display in the VGT activation.
  • And…much more!
Read the full innovations list here.



Jaltest MHE

  • In addition, the number of models in the following brands has increased: BT (Cargo Serie CE family), JUNGHEINRICH (EFG Series family), MOFFETT (M8 Series family), STILL and TOYOTA with new electric models of pallet jacks, stackers and order-picking pallet trucks.
  • EUROYEN Doosan DM02 engine control system, reset of the Diesel Particulate Filter values.
  • JCB Vehicle data in 531 (500 Series family) models that include belt diagrams, tightening torques, and much more.
  • JLG EMR5 – EDC MD1 engine control system, checks and activations of the system.
  • JUNGHEINRICH MCM central computer, steering calibration for EFG 110, EFG 113 and EFG 115 models. MCM central computer, maintenance reset in pallet jacks of the ERE Series family.
  • TOYOTA Calibration functionalities of the control levers through the BC central computer for 8FD Series and 8FG Series forklifts with diesel and LPG engines.
  • And… much more!
Read the full innovations list here.

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