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EDIS 2014 Release 3 – ISU 2 Available Now


2014 R3 ISU2 follows hot on the heels of ISU1 in line with our promise of updates released at the speed of development. It includes security improvements and avoids eventual problems on older vehicles with Blink OBD read out.

Those of you who run their Testpads online will have noticed the update already thanks to ISU (Intelligent System Update) when starting the software.

If your Testpad isn’t routinely online make sure it’s connected to the Internet and then fire up your software.  If you run both Cars and Trucks you’ll have to allow the automatic update to run once for each type.

Run your Testpad mostly offline?

The ISU 2 for 2014 Release 3 is made available as a downloadable package, stand alone. This means that you can download a file to any computer, then copy and run the file to install the ISU to the diagnostic software. This is useful for everyone with a workshop computer that is not connected to Internet, but still want to have the latest available information.

Cars ISU2 offline installation

Download Cars 2014 R3 ISU2 from Dropbox

Trucks ISU2 offline installation

Download Trucks 2014 R3 ISU2 from Dropbox

What about Eclipse Testpod?

As ever, the software is suitable for Testpod as well as EDIS.


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