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Eclipse Cars and Trucks 2014 R3 Available (ISU I)


This software release focuses on speed and stability but also includes many vehicle and system additions/developments.


ISU – Intelligent System Update

Previously we’ve used ISU to push security updates and fixes but it will increasingly provide enhanced functionality and increased database content in between full updates.  This will provide faster access to ongoing development and ensure that your software is as fresh as possible.
Simply ensure your Testpad is online and let ISU provide the latest functions and data.

ISU 1 (

This update contains important improvements regarding security (sleep/hibernate mode handling), improves overall software performance and includes some minor vehicle database adjustments.

  • ISS (Intelligent System Scan) is enhanced to perform quicker and smoother.
  • Improved manual selection of vehicles with dropdown list functionality (enabled on low resolution screens).
  • Updated information dialogs in the security solution for easier understanding and reporting.
  • Sleep/Hibernate handling improved.
  • Overall software performance enhanced.

A note about Testpod

Eclipse Testpod was introduced in 2005 and was designed to handle all known communication protocols at that time.

Although it shares a software platform, Eclipse EDIS provides functions not available the Eclipse Testpod due to hardware limitations.

We’ve compiled a list of vehicles available only to EDIS users which you can download here.





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