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New Jaltest Soft Version 5.12.1 Available Now


Log in to your jaltest.com account to download either a full installer [1.29 GB] or a smaller file to update from 5.11.3.x (x represents partial versions) [484.81 MB]

Diagnostic functions and new systems

Heavy Truck

XF105, CF85 IV EMAS New System
XF105, CF85 IV BBM New System
XF105, CF85 IV SWS New System
XF105, CF85 IV DTCO New System
XF105, CF85 IV AS-Tronic Parameters
XF95, CF85 Immobilizer New System
XF95, CF85 EBS Parameters
XF95, CF85 MTCO New System
N-Series Smoother Transmission New System
N-Series 4HK1 New System
N-Series 4JJ1 New System
EuroCargo Euro 4/5
Stralis Euro 4/5
VCM New System
EuroCargo 2003 Instrument Cluster New System
EuroCargo 2006 Instrument Cluster New System
EuroCargo 2006
Trakker Euro4/5
MET New System
Stralis 2003 AsTronic Parameters
Stralis 2003 EBS Parameters
PowerStar New Model

Bus & Coach

HAWK, Probus/Procity Euro5 ABS6 New System
HAWK, Probus/Procity Euro5 ISBe5 285 (Euro5) New System
Iveco Irisbus
EuroRider VBC (Multiplex) New System
TGX & TGS PTM New System
Mercedes Benz
Actros 2/3 DTCO New System
Axor OBD CBU New System
SK,MK, LK ENR Clear Errors
SK,MK,LK FMR Clear Errors
DXi Models EDC Component Activation
E98 and V2 models EDC Component Activation

For details of updated and improved vehicle coverage download the JalTestSoft Innovations List 12.1 pdf document [4.15Mb] below or the full application list [8.91Mb] (also below).

Software Interface Enhancements

A few subtle but powerful improvements have been introduced for a more streamlined user experience.  These include model selection filters to speed vehicle selection,measurement units and business management diagnosis report filters.

Firmware update

Please note that the software license allows you to install Jaltest Soft on three separate machines at any one time.  If you take advantage of this please ensure that machines are updated at the same time.

On applying the software update to the first computer you must also update the firmware in the multiplexer when prompted to do so.  When you apply the same software update to the other computers you DO NOT need to update the multiplexer firmware again so you should choose cancel when the installer requests you firmware update.



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