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Jaltest OHW – Use Cases



The number of construction machinery brands offering a diverse range of solutions is increasing by the day. This variety emphasises the need for a multi-brand diagnostics tool with sufficient capacity to meet all of your daily challenges in a workshop.

So, in this article, we’ll discuss the latest construction machinery technologies and how Jaltest OHW simplifies diagnostics and repair.

Transmission calibration in Volvo articulated hauler

Volvo articulated D and E series hauliers are equipped with Volvo’s “Powertronic” automatic transmission. Transmission components’ wear or replacement necessitates calibration to achieve a smooth gear shift at the precise moment, resulting in enhanced comfort and performance at any speed.

Calibration of the articulation and steering position sensor in Caterpillar 140M motor graders

Motor graders are machines used for land levelling, hence all the elements utilised to carry out these levelling activities must be correctly calibrated and tuned for accuracy. The articulation and steering position sensors must be calibrated after wear or replacement to detect machine positions correctly, resulting in improved performance and operational precision.

Implement configuration in Hitachi excavators

Because of the nature of these devices, excavators may perform a wide range of tasks by just changing the implement. The usage of various implements necessitates the setting of machine hydraulic system operating parameters, such as enabling auxiliary lines or adjusting flow rates. This results in the right operation of the work tool, resulting in higher machine flexibility.

Powertrain calibration in Caterpillar Dozer

The powertrain serves as the steering and displacement system in these machines. Wear or replacement of powertrain components necessitates calibration to achieve better precision during forward and displacement, resulting in greater comfort and performance at any speed, as well as a linear displacement of the machine without deviation.

Inducement mode reset in Liebherr wheel excavator

This machine is powered by a Liebherr D924 engine. The machine power is limited due to improper operation of the machine aftertreatment system caused by an issue in the AdBlue/DEF pump.

However, the inducement mode reset is available in Jaltest, and once the defective components have been replaced or repaired, this machine limitation can be deleted and 100% engine power restored.

Calibration of the hydraulic system actuators in Bobcat S 700 skid-steer loader

The boom and bucket hydraulic systems are controlled by two actuators on this equipment. Wear or replacement of these components causes an error with the W3223 code “Required calibration,” requiring calibration to provide smooth functioning at the precise moment, resulting in enhanced comfort and performance.

SCR regeneration process in JCB 3CX backhoe loader

This machine is powered by a JCB engine with an SCR system. After operating, the engine power is limited if the operator cancels the regeneration process more than three times in a row. However, SCR system regeneration maintenance is available in Jaltest, and it is possible to remove this machine limitation and regain 100% engine power.

Control lever calibration in CASE skid-steer loader

To regulate the hydraulic and propulsion systems, this machine features two joysticks with computerised controls. Wear or replacement of these components need calibration in order to achieve a smooth operation at the precise moment, resulting in enhanced comfort and performance at any pace.

Modification of compensation parameters in Volvo Penta engines

These Volvo Penta engines are utilised in a variety of stationary applications, including light generators, water pumps, and compressors. These engine adjustment factors vary based on the application and can be tweaked with Jaltest so that an engine can be configured according to its intended function, achieving smooth acceleration and power at the precise moment.

Operation check of the Caterpillar C-9.3 injection system

The Common Rail injection system in certain Caterpillar engines wears out, resulting in the DTC 652 FMI 7 error code – “Injector Cylinder 2. The mechanical system does not work correctly.”

To rectify these error codes, the fuel system verification check must be performed, which includes a check of all injectors to ensure that they are operating within the prescribed parameters.

Final Thoughts

Jaltest OHW is a market leader in the construction machinery diagnostics tool market. Because of its extensive capabilities and multi-brand support, it is certain to make any workshop run more effectively, allowing you to save money.

So, if you want to learn more about Jaltest OHW or inquire about a purchase, give us a call and we can have a chat.

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