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Jaltest 21.2 OHW Software Update

We are delighted to announce that Jaltest has now launched the latest software update for the world’s #1 multi-brand diagnostic equipment, Jaltest Diagnostics.

The 21.2 OHW software update is packed full of the latest innovations and enhancements, with a vast number of new features on offer, including:

  • New start window display. Access to licence modules independently.
  • Filters by vehicle category.
  • Moving image, connection instructions.
  • Videos associated with software functionalities.
  • EHCU-II hydraulic system of CATERPILLAR crawl excavators, work tool configuration.
  • And much more!

View the full details regarding the Jaltest 21.2 OHW diagnostic software update by clicking here or watching the detailed video below.



Speak to the Eclipse Tech diagnostics team today on 03454 666 699 to discuss how you would benefit from the latest Jaltest agricultural equipment software update.

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