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Eclipse Truck 2013 Release 1


The first release of 2013 sees the introduction of a new brand, new structure and selection types and new cables.

New structure

In 2013 Release 1 there has been an addition in the vehicle selection. You can now select Generic Truck to access common systems sorted by manufacturer of the system rather than sorted by brand of vehicle.

New brand

Diagnostics for KAMAZ trucks has been added covering Engine, Brakes and Suspension with new additional cables to access these systems.

New cables

A total of five new cables become available from 2013 Release 1. Four of those are for Wabco and Knorr systems in Generic Truck and Kamaz. The final new cable is for Generic Bus, gearbox and door systems.


Wabco TEBS now benefits from ECU-exchange:  the function reads the parameters from an existing ECU which can be stored for later use in updating a new ECU.

New types in the Vehicle selection

There is an addition of three new system types in the vehicle selection in the software. There has been a restructuring of system types to more easily find the system you are searching for. Suspension, Heating/Cooling and Electrical Vehicle have become separate system types.


To enable even faster VCI firmware updating following a software update the files have been split into smaller chunks.


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