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Eclipse Cars 2013 Release 2 Released


The latest software release for Eclipse Testpod and Eclipse EDIS includes additional ISI coverage and an override mode.

ISI – Intelligent System Identification

Citroen, Opel, Peugeot and Toyota adapted to support ISI.
New function added – expert mode allows you to select protocol manually to override ISI when the system ID is unknown.

With ISI Expert mode enabled you can access non-verified protocols without identifying the ECU.
Of course this may mean you get totally spurious data so it should be used with caution and that’s why we’ve defined this an an “Expert mode”.


Freeze Frame Data added for 1,3,5,6 and 7 Series models (F-models) 2010-2012
Freeze Frame Data added for Engine, ABS, SRS and gearbox for other models 2003-2012


Coding tow bar for the following models:
Focus 2004-2013
Focus C-max 2007-2011
S-max 2006-2013
Mondeo 2011-2013

Jaguar/Land Rover

Freeze Frame Data added for all models for engine, ABS, SRS and body electronics..
Reset adaptation for Jaguar gearbox.


Service guide step 1-20 for the following models:

  • E-class W211,W212
  • C-Class W204
  • B-Class W245
  • A-Class W169


SRS diagnostics on Primera 2002-2007 and Almera 2003-2006 (EDIS only)
Juke – New model with full coverage


Mokka – New model added


Rapid – New model added


Reset adaptation and learning process for gearbox in W450 Fortwo


Catalyst regeneration for diesel engines in:

  • RAV4 2009-2011
  • Auris 2009 ->
  • Avensis 2009 ->
  • Verso 2009 ->

About Frozen Data (or Freeze Frame Data)

Here you can read stored data values belonging to permanent fault codes from different control units. Control units with stored fault codes are shown in the list ”Available control units”. Values belonging to a chosen ECU are shown in a list. When the fault code is set, current data is stored in the control unit, which then can be read out and used when troubleshooting the vehicle. The list number states which list is shown. A fault code can store up to 255 different lists. The user can scroll between these lists with the buttons Previous and Next.

Eclipse customers with a software update contract will receive their DVDs in the next day or so.


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