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Thousands of workshops across the UK are using Jaltest from Eclipse to reduce downtime and increase repair efficiency. Covering all major brands across vehicles, vessels and machinery, it’s become the market leader.


Founded in 2005, Eclipse is one of the largest suppliers of multi-brand diagnostic tools.


Recieve the best tool available, no matter who you are.

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With Jaltest Diagnostics, you will have access to a wide range of functionalities that will easily lead you during the whole repair process. We have the best diagrams and technical information on the market.

Jaltest is committed to the constant innovation of its software. Updates are released three times a year, expanding the capability of existing models as well as adding new brands and models to the software. Technical information, wiring diagrams and new features are added among other important enhancements in each update.

With the GRP module, you can reduce the time invested in paperwork. Moreover, you will be able to manage work orders, repair times, customer data and vehicle data in an agile and easy way.

Jaltest Diagnostics offers as much customisation as you could possibly imagine. We can tailor your diagnostics package to you, including the modules or specific brands you need, the cables you need and adjusting the subscription length to suit you.

With one single tool, you will be able to perform diagnostics tasks in all types of heavy-duty vehicles and a multitude of brands, models and systems.

Do you have any questions during the repair process? We offer specialised technical assistance and customer service to help you continue and avoid wasting a single minute.

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Designed & developed to carry out the most advanced tasks.

Jaltest is the leading multi-brand and multi-system diagnostics tool, designed and developed to carry out the most advanced tasks for vehicle maintenance.

It provides coverage for commercial vehicles, trucks, buses, trailers and light vehicles, as well as for agricultural machinery, construction machinery and vessels.

More than 25,000 workshops around the world already have Jaltest Diagnostics.

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