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TEXA IDC4 Car V41 Diagnostic Software Released


New IDC4 Software

The new IDC4 is now a global platform, which can simultaneously manage the various classes of vehicles which appear in your workshop (cars, bikes, trucks, agri and boats).

Compared to the IDC3 software, IDC4 features

  • new graphics
  • an easier selection process
  • new functions
  • a dedicated multimedia and customer information area.

IDC4 has been specially developed to make the life as a technician as easy as possible, despite the growing complexity of today’s vehicles.  The software provides a genuine repair guide that “suggests” what parameters you need to check, display errors instantly, and guides you through the repair processes one step at a time.

With over 250 makes and more than 32,000 models and engine variants (a figure increasing with each regular updates) the IDC4 provides a truly universal and constantly up to date diagnostics platform.

IDC4 is available in “Light”, “Plus” and “Info” versions, in “PC” and “Pocket” formats depending on the tool used.  Once installed in your chosen display unit, IDC4 can control all your TEXA diagnostic tools:

  • oscilloscope
  • exhaust gas analyser
  • servicing functions
  • air conditioning service stations
  • the new OBD Matrix.

If you have an internet connection in your workshop, you can update the IDC4 software automatically by downloading the latest data, technical bulletins, and component data sheets from TEXA’s central server.

The availability of an internet connection allows you to make full use of the software’s tremendous potential, including TEXA’s exclusive Google powered ‘Search’ function.  Just enter details identifying the make and model of the vehicle you are working on to obtain a list of solutions and repair procedures.  Technicians with a live TexPack contract but no Internet access can request the Software through their distributor.

The new release of IDC4 software Car 40.0 is now available free of charge to all TEXPack subscribers.

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