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Texa IDC3 AGRI V2 Diagnostic Software Released


The second version of IDC3 Agri system software has already been released following its original introduction to the market to specifically deal with agricultural vehicles.

It can be installed on Windows based PC with communication via Bluetooth with the Texa Navigator TXT diagnostic unit.

The exclusive program used to detect and repair electrical faults on tractors and combined harvesters includes newly developed information for new vehicle models in addition to the previous models already present within the original version. This is an ever evolving method of agricultural vehicle diagnostics. Besides the diagnostic improvements, work carried out by the technician will be aided by a new information pack containing integral information such as: electrical wiring diagrams, technical bulletins and assistance sheets which are interactively accessible during the various diagnosis phases.

The main additions relate to the Fendt which diagnose vehicles manufactured up to 2008 and New Holland-Case with the automatic scanning of all the vehicle ECUs. The IDC3 Agri now includes information for Laverda vehicles (with the addition of SISU Tier III engine diagnosis), Claas (analysis of the engine management system on Ares, Axion and Arion), Landini (transmission systems), John Deere (diagnostics for systems within “00” and “10” ranges with Autopower continuous transmission, body computer and on board instrument panel) and Deutz Fahrt Group (complete vehicle monitoring).

Texa Agri V2 main additions:


Vehicle diagnostics have been implemented for transmission, suspended axle etc, and for vehicles manufactured up to 2008. As well as MAN engine diagnostics, Deutz has been introduced for Tier and Tier III versions and CNH (New Holland- Case iH).
Automatic system scanning has been introduced which aids the recognition of sistems present within the vehicle. Device activation functions have been added to the inlet and outlet parameters as well as Error reading for all systems within vehicles which provide detailed autodiagnosis.


SISU Tier III engine diagnosis on Breganze has been developed which now accompanies the pre existing NEF engine.


This is already present within the original version allowing diagnosis on combined harvesters. Within version 2.0.0 the diagnosis of engine management systems on Ares, Axion and Arion tractors has been integrated.


The new version allows the technician to gain full information on all vehicle errors with regards to transmission systems on Landini vehicles.

John Deere

In addition to the wide information for this make within the 1st version; the database now offers new applications for diagnostics on all the series. The ability to diagnose systems within the “00” and “10” range has been provided for continuous transmission Aupower, to the Body Computer and on board instrument pannel.

Massey Ferguson

A new manufacture added to the application list, with the first release covering Engine management.

Same Deutz-Fahr Group

New diagnostics specific to Deutz available within the new release integrates perfectly within the IDC3 Agri task requirements. It offers the customer complete monitoring of the vehicle both internally and externally via a hardware and software inteface.

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