Jaltest OHW 17.3 Innovations


Once again, the Jaltest 17.3 software update offers a great number of improvements and innovations which show that it is the benchmark multibrand diagnostic tool in the OHW (Off High-Way) sector.

Here below a table with some main data of the development of the application is shown:


Some of the new innovation in this Jaltest OHW 17.3 update are shown below:

o Possibility for the customer to create troubleshootings.
o Comments in diagnostic reports.
o Development of all JCB engine families.
o SCR- related memory reset for MB engines.

In addition, more technical releases, wiring diagrams, fuses and relays box diagrams, troubleshootings by symptoms and error codes, System Displays and much more are included.

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Please download the full list of innovation and improvements with Jaltest's 17.3 OHW update here.




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