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New TEXA Truck Software V23 Available Now


Version 23.0 for truck on the IDC4 has been released for Internet upgrade.

This new IDC4 version contains lots of new features conceived to make workshop repairs even easier. The most important change that has been made is the complete new layout of the diagnosis functions. In addition to traditional diagnosis, which is carried out through the selection of a specific electronic system (as in the IDC3), Texa have implemented 3 new options within the menu that correspond to the following three commonly used operations:

Vehicle Maintenance

This menu lists all the service functions within the software diagnosis, broken down into various sections (i.e. wheels, brakes, steering, transmission, engine, etc.) by regrouping the relative service diagnostic functions available. The advantage is straightforward: no need to access the specific control unit to locate the required operation, instead it offers the possibility to directly access the specific control unit by selecting the vehicle component to be repaired. This new approach includes a quick search function of the diagnosis service (thanks to an internal search engine) and avoids wasting precious time. The VEHICLE MAINTENANCE function allows carrying out operations such as: service resetting, brake pad replacement, particulate filter regeneration, steering adjustment, headlight adjustment and much more.

Adjustments & Codes

This menu contains all the adjustments and coding operations that, due to their nature, are not considered “scheduled maintenance” (for instance, key coding, injector replacement, tyre configuration, etc.). Once again the procedure that carries out this function is based on the selection of vehicle components, and the software is left with the task of finding and communicating with the correct electronic system.

Device Check

This menu provides access to the list of components on the vehicle tha can be activated via diagnostic tool. Should you, for instance, choose to check the operation of the door lock/unlock system, all you have to do is select the category “DOORS” and then click on the specific activation “Door lock/unlock”.

The diagnostic coverage listed within the IDC4 software section called Help/Support is proof of TEXA’s commitment to the development of new diagnostic systems. Thanks to this commitment TEXA offers a complete, reliable diagnostic tool, able to fulfill your everyday needs.

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