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New Functions in Jaltest Soft 12.3


Cojali release a massive update with their new EBS Test Module included. Vehicle type selection now takes place without first having to choose a target market – Europe, Asia etc. Trailers still have a market distinction but this is selected after choosing Trailer as the vehicle type.

Vehicle brands are now listed in a list on the left of the screen with the main area being used to display “favourite brands”. The brand list can additionally be hidden leaving just the favourite brands – a great way for senior techs to define a quicker and smoother workflow for their juniors.

New Functions 12.3

  • New function for fleets – brand and model customisation
  • Help notes for systems in customised models
  • Fault codes reading has been integrated during system auto-detection
  • Main screen is shadowed when a pop-up window is displayed for a better visualisation of software workflow.
  • New graphic interface for “System Technical Data”
  • New tab “Components” in “System Technical Data”
  • New graphical interface for “Vehicle Technical Data”
  • Virtual instruments option with recommended range in “Measures Selection”
  • Setting options for units of measurement
  • ETM Function (EBS Test Module)
  • New diagnostic functions for Truck, Bus and Trailer

New diagnostic functions for Truck


ECS-DC5 Engine Control System – DAF Cummins
Adding measured values, activations and new special functions

ACH-EA DCT Auxiliary heating
Diagnostic improvements, component actuations & additional information to help the user during connection

CDS-3 Door locking
System adjustments

EAS2 Exhaust gases treatment
Special functions process adjustment

ECS-D4 Engine Control System – DAF Cummins
Diagnostic improvements

EMAS Electro-hydraulic multi-axle steering
Activations and special functions improvements

Service VIC 3
Service reading and resetting adjustments

SWS-3 Lite Steering Wheel
New system!

VIC-3 Vehicle Central Computer
Measured values adjustments and diagnostic improvements

New software variants (E2/E4) have been added


EDC Engine J05D-TA Electronic Diesel Control
Calibration functions have been integrated

EDC Engine J08E-TA/TV Electronic Diesel Control
System adjustments

EDC Engine J08E-TV Electronic Diesel Control
New system!
Calibration functions have been integrated


EDC MS5 Electronic Diesel Control
Accelerator pedal position actual value

AW30-40LE Transmission
New system!

Engine 4JJ1-TC & 4HK1-TC
Activations improvements


CBU Central Brake Unit
Diagnostic improvements

Metafuel 3 Engine CNG (Compressed Natural Gas)
Adding measured values, activations and new special functions, activations and adjustments

Denoxtronic 2 Ad-blue system
Improvements in fault codes reading

EDC 16 C39 K line Electronic Diesel Control
Activations and special functions have been improved

EDC7 Electronic Diesel Control
Measured values and activations adjustments, diagnostic improvements, measured values improvements, activations and special functions improvements.

Intarder KWP
Measured values adjustments

Rear Module
DTC table is completed


Airtronic D2/D4 Auxiliary heater
Activations and special functions are improved

BHTC Climate Control
DTC reading improvements, reading improvements, System Overview improvements

CBU Central Brake Unit
Adding activations, special functions, parameter setting

D1LC-D3LC Compact Eberspächer Heater
New System!

Door module
Activations content adjustments

EBS 2.2 Braking System
Data ECU reading improvements, activations content adjustments

EBS 5 Braking System
DTC active/not active reading improvements, diagnostic improvements, Data ECU reading improvements, Brake Pedal, actual value is resolved

ECAS CAN 2 Suspension
Control variants

EDC MS6.1 Electronic Diesel Control
Variants control improvements. Demo mode connection

EDC7 C3/C32 Electronic Diesel Control
Fuel Pressure Control, actual value is resolved, variants control improvement

FFR Vehicle Management Computer
Data ECU reading improvements

GKR Climate Control
Measured values are resolved, system development has been completed

Hydrodrive Hydrostatic front traction
New system!

INS STON Instrument Cluster
Measured values and activations adjustments

Intarder 3 EST-52
New system!

KSM VDO Parameterisable special module
Activations adjustments

EDC MS6.4 Electronic Diesel Control
Demo mode connection

PTM Power Train Module
Clutch calibration, manual gearbox (new function), configuration data, password is calculated using firmware (security increase)

SCR/HDS Ad-blue
Ad-blue humidity sensor, actual value is resolved. New Ad-blue special functions: Dosing module & Leakage test

Service System PTM
New system!

Service System FFR
Hydrodrive Service is added, Service reading adjustments

TBM Telematic Board module
Data ECU reading is improved

TRW Door module
Measured values and activations adjustments, Activations improvements

ZBR 2 Body Computer
DTC table is completed, reading improvements. Vehicle address, copy parameters is resolved

ZF AsTronic Lte Gearbox
System adjustments

Mercedes Benz

Vario models

INS Instrument Cluster
New system!

Actros WDB950 & WDB932

BS Braking System
Component activation, parameters

EAPU Electronic Air Processing Unit
Newly developed system

LWS Steering angle sensor
Newly developed system

TEL Telephone
Newly developed system

EDW Antitheft alarm system
Adding measured values, activations and new special functions

EHZ Electro-hydraulic auxiliary steering
Adding measured values

FFB Radio key
Measured values improvements

KOM Communication module

GM Basic module
Internal temperature, actual value is resolved

MR Pump Pipe Injector with electronic diesel control
Adding special functions (8 cylinder engine)

New Actros WDB963/964
  • ACM Exhaust gas treatment system
  • ITH Auxiliary heater
  • TCM Gearbox management system
  • HVAC Heating Ventilating and Air Conditioning
  • CPC Common Powertrain Controller
  • TPM Tyre pressure control
  • EBS Knorr Electronic Braking System
  • EAPU Knorr Compressed air production management
  • ICUC Instrument cluster
  • MS Maintenance system
  • CGW Gateway
  • COM Communication interface
  • DCMD Driver door module
  • DCMP Passenger door module
  • MSF Switches modular system
  • SCA Cab module
  • SCH Chassis Interface Module
  • MCM Engine management system
  • TCC Radio
  • RCM Retarder management
  • EIS Electronic Ignition Lock
  • SAS Steering angle sensor
  • CLCS Level regulation
  • TCO Tachograph
  • FleetBoard Fleet management system


Canter/Fuso Models

ABS Canter
Connection adjustments

ABS Fuso
Adding activations and special functions

EDC 4M50
DTC reading improvements


Dxi models

APM Compressed air production management
Parameter reading and writing adjustments, adding heater parameter modification

EBS Gen3 Braking sytem
System adjustments depend on axle configuration

EDC Dxi Electronic Diesel Control
Special functions adjustments – compression test, cylinder balance, turbo wastegate test

General improvements in all systems!


BCM Command Control Module
Service function and functions adjustments

IPDM Power Control Module
DTC reading and data ECU improvements

EDC YD25 Electronic Diesel Control
PTO parameter improvements

Dci models, E-tech

EDC Dci Euro 3, Electronic Diesel Control
System adjustments

E-tech Euro 2 Electronic Diesel Control
Measured values adjustments

Intarder KWP
Measured values adjustments

ZF AsTronic Gearbox
Parameter setting improvements

TCO Stoneridge 2000 Tachograph
New system!

ITC Injection Timing Control
Configuration data, switch on/off after activations are enabled


Scania R,P,G Series

ACS Articulation Control System
New system!

BMS Brake Management System
Variant control improvements

COO Coordinator
DTC table is complete

COO Service
New service function.
Variants control adjustment

EMS PDE (EDC MS6.2) Electronic Diesel Control
Special functions adjustment

EMS XPI Common Rail System
Special functions adjustment

ICL Instrument Cluster
DTC table is complete

Scania 3 & 4 Series

EDC MS5 Electronic Diesel Control
Accelerator pedal position, actual value

EDC MS6.2 Electronic Diesel Control
Adding cylinder test, Operational data.
Turbine test adjustments. Injectors test improvements

EDC S6 HPI Electronic Diesel Control
Special functions and Operational data adjustments.
Speed limitation parameter

Retarder Scania
Parameter reading and writing adjustments, brake pedal position voltage, actual value is resolved.


EBS Braking System
Activations and special functions are improved.
EBS Gen 3 pad wear calibration improvements

EDC Electronic Diesel Control
Special functions adjustments (Compression test, Cylinder balance & Turbo wastegate test)
New parameter setting functions.

I-Shift V2 Gearbox
Special functions improvement

MID 142 Central computer
New system!

VECU V2 Vehicle ECU
Special functions improvement

Plus general improvements in all systems!

New diagnostic functions for Bus

Mercedes Benz/Setra bus and coach models
  • BS/EPB BUS Braking system
  • HLK Wabco Automatic Temperature Control
  • LWS Steering Wheel Angle Sensor
Scania bus and coach models

BCS Bus Chassis System
DTC erased and activations improvements. Adding activations and configuration reading

New diagnostic functions for Trailer


EB+ Brake management system
Parameters adjustments
EOL and activations added


TEBS Gen 2 Brake management system
System parameters settings

TEBS Gen 2 Brake management system
System parameter settings


Trailer EBS C Brake management system
System parameter settings

Trailer EBS D Brake management system
System parameter settings

Trailer EBS E Brake management system
System parameter settings
ECU Version 2.5 Control
ODR reading and reset
EOL Test improvement

TCE Trailer Central Electronics
New special function: height sensor calibration

New diagnostic functions for LCV


New systems added:

  • AB T1.0 Airbag
  • AB T1.1 Airbag
  • ABS 5.3
  • ABS M5.0
  • ABS MK 20 I
  • ABS/ABD 5.3
  • ABS/ASR 5.3
  • Alarm Antitheft C1.0
  • Alarm Antitheft T1.0
  • Audio 6000 V2
  • CR/EDC DEN C1.1 Common Rail
  • ZE T1.0 Body Computer


UIS 1.0 Steyr Unit Injector System
Calibrating functions adjustments


EDC 15 C7 Electronic Diesel Control
New system!

VE/EDC Covec F Electronic Diesel Control
System adjustments

Nissan, Opel & Renault

Special functions are improved

ESP 8.1 Electronic stability control
New system!

ZE2.3 Body computer
Variants identification process improvement


New system!

EDC ECCS Electronic Diesel Control
New parameter functions added

ZE 3.0 Body Computer
New system!
Identification process adjustments

PSA Group (Fiat, Peugeot & Citroën)

ABS 5.3
New system!

CR/EDC DCU 102 Electronic Diesel Control
Injection start measured values improvements

Renault Mascott

New system!

Chassis Control System
Newly developed system

Service reading adjustments


Many new systems added:

  • AB 7 Airbag
  • ABS MK25 Airbag
  • EDC 17 UDS Electronic Diesel Control
  • EDC 17 C20 Electronic Diesel Control
  • ABS/ASR 5.3
  • PDK Parking control system
  • PDK 2.0 Parking control system
  • Roof Control System

EDC 16 U1 & U31 Electronic Diesel Control
Several systems connection problems are solved and switch on-off after activations improvement

Adding new ESP functions

INS 1.0
New developed system with oil service reset function

Service 1.0
New service function

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