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Jaltest MHE – Use Cases


Most vehicle systems today are fitted with a wide range of electronic control units, large numbers of wires, sensors, and actuators that run from end to end of the vehicle.

Additionally, the requirements of the anti-pollution regulations imposed on new vehicles prevent control without electronic components. As a result, having diagnostics tools capable of coping with errors and facilitating technician responsibilities, such as Jaltest MHE, is critical.

So, in this article, we’ll highlight use cases for material handling equipment & lift platforms, where Jaltest MHE is necessary to conduct repairs.

Calibration of the mast tilt angle sensor. Linde E20 Series 387

When the mast tilt position sensor is damaged or replaced, this calibration must be conducted. The sensor can be damaged for a variety of reasons, including:

  • Extreme temperature changes
  • Wear from use
  • Collision with outside elements

Only the diagnostics tool can be used to accomplish this calibration. The end user will be unable to utilise the mast unless the necessary calibration is conducted. The mast will be locked, preventing it from tipping.

Calibration of the control levers. Linde E16-02 Series 386

When the signal from any control lever is incorrect or a component has been replaced, this calibration must be performed. Only the diagnostics tool can be used to accomplish this.

Failure to conduct the required calibration in the machine limits the hydraulic system functions, preventing the mast from lifting and tilting.

Reset of cancelled regenerations of the LPF system. Linde H40 Serie 394

When the regeneration of the particulate filter has been cancelled up to 5 times, this maintenance service is required.

Once the maximum number of cancellations is reached, the machine becomes limited and must be reset before the regeneration may begin. When the counter reaches its maximum value, the engine is completely limited and cannot exceed any engine rate above 1,000 rpm. This operation is only possible using the diagnostics tool.

Calibration of the mast raising control lever. Jungheinrich EFG 113

When a component is replaced or the lever potentiometer is modified, this calibration must be completed. Only the diagnostics tool can be used to accomplish this.

The failure to complete the necessary calibration has an impact on the right execution of the hydraulic functions for mast raising and lowering, restricting the mast regulation and control functionalities.

Reset of the Pressure Relief Valve (PRV). Haulotte HA 32

These vehicles are powered by a Deutz engine with a common-rail injection system. A mechanical valve with an opening counter is installed in the rail. As the valve reaches its maximum number of openings, the engine’s power is reduced, and the valve must be serviced or replaced. After executing the necessary repairs, the counter rest must be conducted to restore engine power.

Calibration of the overload sensor. Manitou MT600 Series & Caterpillar TH 500 Series

These machines have an overload sensor that restricts their lifting operations based on their load. When this sensor is damaged or replaced, it must be calibrated. The sensor can be damaged for a variety of reasons, including:

  • Extreme temperature changes
  • Wear from use
  • Collision with outside elements

As a result, until this calibration is conducted, the boom will be locked, preventing the machine from running.

Regeneration of the SCR catalytic converter. JCB 525-60

The SCR catalytic converter is clogged when the machine is used at a low idle speed, and it is limited to 1,000 rpm until the regeneration is complete.

Calibration of the control lever. Caterpillar TH 300 Series

The operator of a Caterpillar telescopic handler must perform this calibration after replacing the boom control lever in order to record all of the control lever’s position settings. Otherwise, it will be impossible to operate the machine’s hydraulic features.

Calibration of the joystick rotary switch. Caterpillar TH 600 Series

Calibration of the joystick rotary switch is required when the component is changed or when faulty performance is detected. Only the diagnostics tool may be used to calibrate the joystick’s two rotary buttons (right and left). The hydraulic functions defined for these switches are limited if the proper calibration is not performed.

Final Thoughts

After all, Jaltest MHE stands at the forefront of the diagnostics tools sector – supporting fleet managers & technicians with their daily workloads alike. Transforming any workshop into a more efficient and cost-effective workplace.

So, if you’d like to learn more about Jaltest MHE – get in touch!

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