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Jaltest AGV Diagnostics Overview



You’re likely already aware of how important it is to keep your agricultural vehicles moving. Especially during the harvesting seasons – where the job becomes time-sensitive. One thing that can help maintain modern-day agricultural machinery & minimise downtime is investing in diagnostic tools.

That’s just one of the scenarios where diagnostic tools can save you time and we all know that saved time = saved money.

So, this article will provide an overview of Jaltest AGV Diagnostics – its applications and functionality.

For more insight, feel free to check out our blog on the most frequently asked questions about Jaltest AGV Diagnostic Software.

What is Jaltest AGV Diagnostics Software?

Jaltest AGV is a multi-brand & multisystem diagnostics tool, specifically developed to serve the agricultural industry. It’s considered the most powerful diagnostics tool on the market. The software was developed to carry out diagnostics and maintenance tasks more efficiently. Ultimately, working towards preventing downtime.

Moreover, Jaltest AGV covers a wide range of machinery, like tractors, combine & forage harvesters, and trailing equipment, from over 130 brands – JCB, BOMAG, Case iH, Claas, Fendt, John Deere, Kubota, Massey Ferguson, McCormick, Steyr New Holland, etc.

Applications & Functionality

Some individuals think that a diagnostics tool is only a fault code reader after which you still do your own troubleshooting. However, premium products like Jaltest AGV do so much more!

The software not only provides you with a manufacturer fault code to identify the problem, but it also provides you with likely error causes, how to continue troubleshooting, component locations, test values, wiring diagrams, and anything else you need to successfully perform the repair. If a faulty item must be replaced once you’ve located the problem, you can also programme the replacement inside the diagnostics software.

Additionally, through Jaltest AGV you gain dealer-level features including light setups, AdBlue testing, and hydraulic calibrations. You may also carry out even more sophisticated tasks using Jaltest’s ‘Expert Mode’ option, which enables configuration adjustments in various ECUs including sensor and actuator calibration, operating parameter setup, DPF replacement & regeneration, etc.

Jaltest possesses an unmatched user experience and is exceedingly simple & intuitive to use. It’s simple to grasp for everyone, regardless of experience using diagnostic software. The software also uses real-life pictures and graphical elements in the component locations and system displays – to make it easier to digest information.

Other important AGV functions:

  • Light configurations – every time you replace a light or need more setting up, they need to be programmed – Jaltest can do this
  • Wheel size adjustment – for example, if you put bigger tyres on a tractor, you can do the wheel size adjustment on Jaltest
  • Service/maintenance light reset – dealer level functionality, you can unlock the service mode on many tractors in Jaltest so you can reset and schedule the next service
  • Parameter adjustment of the spool valve (for attachments & implements) – spool valves are used to transfer hydraulic power to the implement from the tractor. Spool valves with electronic control are managed from the tractor with control levers whose assignment depends on their position. Once a spool valve is replaced with a new one, it is necessary to assign it the position of the one that has been replaced.
  • ISOBUS option available – which allows you to control several different types of trailing implements across, different brands, through one terminal

Moreover, with Eclipse Technical Support, you have the assistance of our team of vehicle and IT professionals, who can help you learn certain processes and offer remote assistance. We also provide training classes (unique to Jaltest) that assist our clients in using the tool and maximising value from their investment.

All in all, due to its wide functionality, Jaltest AGV is not just a diagnostic tool anymore – it’s a comprehensive repair tool to boost the productivity of any workshop.

Why should you invest in agricultural diagnostics?

You’ve likely already realised the value of having a diagnostic instrument in your workshop – it’s all about keeping your agricultural machinery running. Considering that tractors and harvesters are valuable assets for businesses, the longer they spend being fixed – the more money is being lost. It saves time for the end user and the technicians, allowing them to complete more jobs, provide better & faster service, and boost their profitability.

Moreover, diagnostics tools used to be considered a luxury, but now they are becoming necessary for any workshop. Due to the quantity of ECUs used in modern tractors, it’s close to impossible to repair these vehicles without the help of other computers. And in this case, that’s Jaltest AGV.

Jaltest also offers GRP – which is a workshop management solution that will support day-to-day work. For example, sharing customer information, generating reports, task management, etc.

So, to ensure that your workshop can facilitate fixing modern agricultural vehicles – investing in diagnostic tools, like Jaltest, goes a long way to help.


Jaltest AGV provides you with easy-to-digest information, that will allow you to fix agricultural vehicle breakdowns efficiently. The software, accompanied by our technical support & training can set your workshop for success – fundamentally, making your processes more efficient and saving you time & money.

To recap, the key features of Jaltest AGV include:

  • Component technical data
  • Wiring, system, and fuse diagrams
  • Machine service data for equipment inspections
  • Equipment technical data
  • Troubleshooting by symptoms of the most common failures on the equipment
  • Releases and procedures with manufacturer information

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