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Jaltest 18.2 Software Update

We are delighted to announce that the Jaltest 18.2 diagnostics software update has now been released, which again provides a vast number of improvements and fresh innovations that consolidate the tool as the benchmark in multibrand diagnosis of commercial, agricultural and OHW (Off Highway) vehicles.

An example of the new improvements and innovations is shown below:

  • Improvements of the System Scan processes, adding new icons to differentiate the systems with present errors, with non-present errors, or without diagnosis errors.
  • Information about the state ‘OTHERS’ related to error presence.
  • Access to component measures from the wiring diagram and vice versa.
  • Add customised vehicle maintenance data.
  • Add customised helps to the diagnosis actions.
  • New instructions and aids for the use of multipins.
  • New graphic configurations of the program: AGV green and OHW yellow.
  • And much more…

The Jaltest 18.2 software update provides coverage for 377 models, 3,478 systems, includes 2,275 diagrams and new technical information that includes step-by-step troubleshooting guides, diagnosis help, and much more.

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