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Jaltest 16.2 Available to Download Now


The Second release of 2016 see’s massive diagnostic improvements yet again.  

– Jaltest coverage is increased in 212 models.

– Jaltest keeps improving and expanding diagnostic functions for vehicles from the main brands. Coverage is increased with more than 1689 functionalities.

– New Jaltest version 16.2 includes 2057 wiring diagrams, provides more information and technical data in order to consolidate itself as a multibrand diagnostics benchmark, especially in Euro 6.

Troubleshooting via error code

This new innovation assists the technician when they have a fault code and description but doesnt know where to start. This function provides you step by step guidance in a logical diagnostic path.

DAF Trucks

Relevant content summary

– Troubleshooting by symptoms in ZF Intarder EST-54.
– PCI, electronic diesel control, Paccar. System Display in MX-13 engines fuel system. Troubleshooting by errors are also included in this system, as well as the function to control the present errors from the steps of these troubleshooting guides.

Coverage improvement, new systems and functions

– DMCI, Diesel multi controller injection. New freeze frame data.
– Immobilizer DAF. Key programming.

– Euro 6 models
– New System!!  ECS-DC6. Engine control system. Engine management system, Paccar, for LF E6 model. Besides, Troublehooting by symptoms have been related to models.
– PCI, electronic diesel control, Paccar. New functions, such as fan or coolant pump checks.
– New System!! DAS, DAF Audio System.

IVECO Trucks

Relevant content summary

– New models!! Models with CNG engines (Compressed natural gas) Euro 6.
– Fuses and relays box in almost every model from the brand.
– New System Display!! EDC 17 CV41 + Denox 2.2, Electronic diesel control and exhaust gases treatment system.

Coverage improvement, new systems and functions

– Euro 4/5 models
– Denox 2.1, Exhaust gases treatment system. Dosing valve replacement.
– ECAS CAN2, Suspension system. The diagnosis coverage has been improved for configurations with 3 or more axles.

Note:  Systems listed above can be also found in IVECO/IRISBUS buses.

MAN Truck


Coverage improvement, new systems and functions

All the models

– EDC 7, Electronic diesel control. Operation data are completed for all the system variants.
– PTM, Powertrain control module. Clutch calibration and check in the newest system variants for vehicles with manual gearboxes.
– ZBR2, Central computer. The references allowing the configuration of system parameters have been increased.
– New System!! Hydronic D5W, Water auxiliary heating. Auxiliary water heating.

Note: System listed above can be also found in MAN buses.


Relevant content summary

– Fuses and relays box in Actros, Atego and Axor models, where some interactive technical releases with the CAN bus of the vehicle have been included.
– New wiring diagrams!! Wiring diagram configurations have been increased and updated in systems with MB4 technology, including new technical data and images.
– New System Display!! MCM, Engine management control module (Common-Rail) in Euro 6 vehicles.

Coverage improvement, new systems and functions

– Euro 6 models
– New System!! MPC, Multifunction camera.
– CGW, Gateway. Reading of all the parameters of the vehicle.
– SSAM, Cab module. New activations (lighting components, horn…)


Relevant content summary

– Fuses and relays box in Magnum and Kerax DXi.

Coverage improvement, new systems and functions

– DXi models
– MID 128 EDC DXi Euro 4/5, Electronic diesel control. Configuration of the idle revolutions increase for a fast heating of the engine and the regeneration of the SCR catalytic converter.
– MID 144 VECU, Vehicle control unit. Idle speed shutoff configuration.
– New System!! Webasto AirTop 2000 ST, Auxiliary heater.
– New System!! ATC, Automatic temperature control.

– Euro 6 models
– EMS (Engine management system). New activations and checks such as the cylinders cutout, injection evaluation and oil pressure test.
– HMIIOM, Human machine interface I/O module. New measurements.
– CCM, Climate control module. New measurements.


Relevant content summary

– Series G, R, P
– Fuses and relays box in models from Series 4 and Euro 6 Series R, P and G.
– Manual diagnosis process for Euro 6 models.

Coverage improvement, new systems and functions 
– Series G, R, P
– Improvement of supported references and system variants in Scania (EEC3, COO7, EMS XPI S8, EMS HPI S6, EMS PDE S6, GMS OPC5, GMS ZF, ICL2, among others)
– Actuations in System Display in XPI systems and exhaust gases treatment Adblue Denox 1.x and EEC3.
– Wabco ECAS SMS-ELC3, Suspension system. Emptying of suspension bellows.
– Wabco ECAS SMS-ELC4, Suspension system. Measurements, activations and calibration of the suspension level.
– EMS XPI, Extra high pressure injection system. New functions such as the fan clutch test and the checks of the EGR (Exhaust gases recirculation) and the exhaust gases treatment systems.
– EMS HPI, High pressure injection system. Idle speed rate configuration.



Relevant content summary

– Fuses and relays box in Series V4.
– New wiring diagrams!! Components and location images are included.
– SID (Secondary information display)
– BBM (Body Builder Module)

Coverage improvement, new systems and functions

– V2 models
– MID 128 EDC Euro 4/5, Electronic diesel control. Configuration of the idle revolutions increase for a fast heating of the engine and the regeneration of the SCR catalytic converter.

– MID 144 VECU, Vehicle control unit. Dryer valves activation and idle speed cut-off configuration.

– MID 150 ECS, Suspension system. Test of the input/output signals and the lift axle switch.

– MID 216 LECU, Lighting system. Rain sensor calibration.

– MID 250, Multifunction steering wheel. Operation test.

– Euro 6 models
– EMS (Engine management system). New activations and checks such as the cylinders cut out, injection evaluation and oil pressure test.
– HMIIOM, Human machine interface I/O module. New measurements.
– CCM, Climate control unit. New measurements.

Note: Systems listed above can also be found in VOLVO buses.

TRAILER Systems:

New! Trailer and semi-trailer maintenance services, generation of maintenance services reports in GRP for a better fleet control, printing of forms, etc.

– Wabco trailer systems

– Trailer EBS C & D. New systems checks and modification of load parameters in the axle controlled by an EBS third modulator.

– ELEX, Electronic extension module. New function: ‘CALIBRATION OF PROXIMITY SENSORS’ for TailGUARD configurations without additional sensors. In the previous version the ‘CHECK AND LEARNING OF PROXIMITY SENSORS’ was included, and now this calibration has been also included when installing new sensors.

– Haldex trailer systems

– Haldex EB+ (all generations).Reset after performing the maintenance for the replacement of brake pads.

– Trailer refrigeration systems

– New System!!  Thermo King, Thermoguard TG-VI.
System that only included technical information in previous versions.
– Carrier VECTOR includes system technical data and a document to use the display buttons and interpret the messages.


Relevant content summary

– IVECO/IRISBUS New models!!
– HEULIEZBUS Euro 6 models
– EUROMIDI Euro 3, 2013

– MAN New models!!
– Update of the data base of models from all the types of buses and families (Ex. A43 G/GXL, R60, RR9 (CIB 19.xxxx IC) …)

For further information, please visit Jaltest Report.

– Technical information in MTS module has been increased.


– New wiring diagrams in Volvo buses systems.

. MID 128 EDC V2 Euro 3, Electronic diesel control
. MID 128 EDC V2 Euro 4, Electronic diesel control
. MID 130 I-Shift V2 transmission
. MID 140 INS V2, Instrumentation
. MID 144 VECU V2, Vehicle control unit
. MID 150 ECS V2, Suspension system
. MID 220 Tachograph V2
. MID 249 BWS V2, Body builder module
. MID 250 Multifunction steering wheel V2

Coverage improvement, new systems and functions


– New System!! ACU Hübner, Articulation system. Euro 6 vehicles.

– New System!! Actia ICU, Instrumentation.

– Knorr-Bremse ELC 5, Suspension system. Diagnosis coverage for articulated buses has been improved.


– New System!! HVAC, Heat, ventilation and A/C.
– CPC, Common powertrain control. Clutch calibration in vehicles with manual gearbox.
–  ZHE Webasto, Auxiliary heater. New activations for the bus variant.
–  ZF Intarder, Retarder. New variants.

Besides, in Euro 6 vehicles, new measurements and actuations for braking, suspension and comfort systems are included.

– New System!! EMS CNG (Engine: OC9 G05)
– BWS, Body builder module. Configuration of power take-off.


– The diagnosis coverage is improved in CNG engine control systems (G9A300 and G9B300) in buses.

Besides, transmission system ZF AVS EST-14 has been included and the number of functions in ZF ECOMAT 1 EST-18 has been increased; a new wiring diagram of this system has been also added.



Relevant content summary
– New models!! Development of new systems and variants for the following models:

New Ford models families such as Tourneo Custom, Transit Custom [13] (models from 2012 onwards), Transit Tourneo, Transit Nugget, Tourneo Euroline [12] (models from 2011 onwards) and Transit [14] (from 2014 onwards).

New Volkswagen families such as California, Caravelle, Crafter, Transporter and Multivan from 2012 and 2013 onwards.

New Opel and Vauxhall models such as Vivaro and Movano from 2012 and 2014 onwards.

New Toyota, Hiace and Dyna models from 2007 and 2011 onwards.



– New wiring diagram!! CDID3, Common-Rail for engines OM651.
– New wiring diagram and system technical data for VE/1.4 (engines OM601 & OM602)
– Technical release for the maintenance reset of models from 2010 to 2013 in Mercedes.


– The list of errors from VW systems (VAG DTC table) has been updated. JalTest device continues working on completing the table for the newest models.

Coverage improvement, new systems and functions

IVECO – New Systems!!
Applying to Iveco Daily (2014 – …); Wiring Diagrams and Technical Data are included
– Maintenance system to perform the oil change reset.
– ACM, Air-conditioning system.
– ITM, Multimedia screen for the Telematics Infotainment System.
– IPC, Instrumentation. Measurements and activations.
– ABS/ASR/ESP9, Braking system. New activations and system bleeding.
– BCM, Central computer Marelli. Activations.
– EDC 17, Electronic diesel control. Cooling relay activation and alternator checking.

Besides, additional information related to Freeze Frame Data errors has been checked and improved in some systems of this brand.

– Reset of oil maintenance in Ducato models (2011-…)
– EDC 8F3 CF5 V2, Electronic diesel control in Fiat Ducato (2001 – …). Reset of adaptation values for engine components.

FORD – New System!!
–  EDC SID 208, Electronic diesel control in Transit models (2012 – …)

MERCEDES – New Systems!!
– MFK, Multifunctional camera in Sprinter vehicles (2009 – …)
– PTC, Auxiliary heating system in Sprinter (2009 – …)
– RDK, Tyre pressure monitor control unit.
– EGS VG, Transmission control system in Sprinter (2006 – …)
– NGT, Engine management system in engine M271 (2008 – …)
– IRS, Intelligent radar sensor in all the areas of the vehicle.

– SCR Gen 2, exhaust gases treatment system. Actuation of AdBlue/DEF pump.
– CDID3, Common-Rail. New activations and checks.

– FSCU, Fuel system. Fuel pump activation.


Update Download Manager integrated in the software:

Automatically downloads new software updates and you choose when to install as to not interrupt your workshop productivity.

16.2 New Expert Code Needed: Please login to  www.jaltest.com to generate your new 16.2 expert mode code.

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