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Eclipse Truck 2012 Release 3


New model coverage, new functionality for existing vehicles and the all-new Intelligent System Update make this update worth the wait.

New brand

Nissan Trucks is added as a new brand with vehicle specific diagnostics. The coverage is for Fault codes and Service Light Reset for year models fron 2005 to 2012.

Intelligent System Update

ISU – is an Online update system for CARS and TRUCKS software. This makes it possible for all users to always have the latest available version installed without any effort or hassle. Simply connect your computer to internet on regular basis and the latest software will automatically be downloaded and installed. Everything happens in the background as you continue to work as normal.

Cummins Euro 5

Addition of diagnostics for Cummins Euro 5 engines for DAF and Generic Bus.

Up to date

Scania models are updated to year 2012.

Mercedes Actros MP IV is updated with adjustment and settings functionality in 2012 year model.


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