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The Best Diagnostic Tool for Off-Highway and Construction Equipment + FAQs



Finding the most effective diagnostic tools for your off-highway and construction vehicles can be a difficult task. Jaltest Off-Highway (OHW) is the complete workshop package and stands as a benchmark within the repairer sector with its complete coverage and much more, which will be discussed further in the article.

But before we begin…

What is the Jaltest OHW diagnostics tool?

Jaltest OHW is the must-have tool for a modern-day technician. It is the complete workshop tool which aids with the diagnostics and maintenance services for various vehicles and hundreds of brands/models. Some examples include Caterpillar, Kobelco, Doosan, Liebherr, BOMAG, and JCB. With its comprehensive coverage, the tool can provide insightful information to ensure a quick and effective diagnostic, keeping your fleet of vehicles in operation.

Moving on…

Why is Jaltest one of the leading OHW diagnostic tools?

As mentioned earlier, Jaltest OHW offers complete coverage, meaning you can obtain information from various vehicle brands, models, and systems. The software itself receives updates three times a year.

This guarantees a constant update of the software’s capabilities, ensuring you can always carry out your diagnostics and maintenance services efficiently, in line with the latest off-highway vehicle advancements. You can discover the latest Jaltest updates here.

Insightful diagnostics, at the click of a button

The Jaltest OHW kit has been refined to ensure it is easy to navigate through its visual navigation system, which is completely customisable to the repairers’ needs. In addition, the software goes beyond just providing diagnostics. With its wide range of functionalities, the kit can guide the repairer through the entire repair/maintenance process. With clear diagrams and technical information, repairers can access troubleshooting guides, calculated repair times, vehicle maintenance data, possible error causes, and so much more.

Support from the beginning and beyond

In addition to your completely customisable Jaltest OHW Kit, here at Eclipse, we promise to provide support from the very beginning and beyond receiving your kit. When you choose Eclipse, we can provide support and handover training, online or on-site, to help you get started with your OHW software.

Once you are set up, we also provide ongoing remote assistance, as well as vehicle and IT technical support which is delivered by trained professionals.

Frequently asked questions

What brands and models are covered by Jaltest OHW?

You can see the full coverage list on Jaltest’s website, we have made the process easier by listing the key vehicle types below:

Does Jaltest provide locations of components?

Yes, Jaltest provides locations of many components located on the vehicle. You can find out more about what Jaltest can do here.

Do you offer additional training?

Yes, we offer training programmes on a range of topics for our customers. Whether it’s a basic introduction or advanced training, delivered both online & in-person.

Our training courses include:

  • One-Day Jaltest Course (in-person)
  • One-Day Advanced Trailer Jaltest Course (in-person)
  • Two-Day Advanced Euro 6 AdBlue Jaltest Course (in-person)
  • Electric Vehicle Course Level 1 (online)
  • Electric Vehicle Course Level 2 (online)
  • Electric Vehicle Courses Levels 2.2 & 3 (both online & practical training)
  • Electric Vehicle Course Level 4 (both online & practical training)
  • Air Conditioning & F-Gas (in-person)
  • ADAS – Advances Driver Assistance Systems (both online & practical training)

Will Jaltest provide torque settings to assist repairs?

Yes. Jaltest software covers torque settings amongst other technical information like reference measurements, parameters, & diagrams.

Additionally, it can assist in related repairs by providing step-by-step troubleshooting guides, interactive wiring diagrams, component locations, test values, and system diagrams.

How often are software updates released?

Due to Jaltest’s commitment to constant innovation – its software receives updates three times a year. Often, perfecting its existing functionality, expanding brand & vehicle model coverage, and introducing new features.

You can find the latest software update notes here.

What is the best laptop to use with Jaltest software?

As a rule of thumb, most of our customers prefer handheld tablet PCs due to their versatility in the workshop. In our case, we supply the Testpad Extreme Pro with all our diagnostic kits to meet that need. We’ve also introduced a detachable keyboard cover for the tablet – allowing customers to use the Testpad as a tablet or a laptop.

The tablet PC itself is military-grade quality, refined through over 17 years of supplying diagnostics tools to some of the biggest brands in the world.

So, trust us when we say it can survive the roughest workshops – we mean it.

Final thoughts

In summary, the Jaltest OHW kit is a no-brainer for repairers in the off-highway industry. Its simplicity of design and insightful data ensures an effective diagnostic and maintenance service every single time. With the addition of Eclipse by your side, you will receive the support and training required, when you need it most.

Are you thinking about investing in Jaltest’s OHW diagnostic kit? Why not get in touch with our experts to see what opportunities are available to you?

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