Off Highway Diagnostics

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A quick, easy to use, intuitive, portable diagnostic tool

Jaltest OHW (Off-highway) is an easy to use and handling tool that can be transported to the place where the damaged machinery is to diagnose. Moreover, it combines the diagnosis software with a large technical database, workshop management tool.

  • Operating time and consumption of the vehicle reading
  • Automatic system scan
  • Automatic detection of systems and error codes
  • Maintenance data & maintenance data reset
  • Real-time sensor monitoring
  • Actuation and adaption of components
  • Components adaption and calibration
  • System technical data
  • Trouble shooting guides
  • Interactive wiring diagrams
  • Data synchronisation with data backups on external servers
  • Task management between the garage staff members
  • Management and reporting
  • Access to the history of the machine
What’s Included? 
  • Eclipse Testpad Extreme, handheld workshop Tablet PC
  • Jaltest Link multiplexer with Bluetooth 4 (up to 100m)
  • Off-highway cable kit
  • Jaltest Soft diagnostic multi brand software
  • On-site handover training
  • Eclipse Remote Assist
  • 12 months Eclipse technical support (vehicle & IT)
  • 12 months software updates

Covering all the leading manufacturers aswell as vehicle types in construction such as earth moving, road maintenance, sweepers, telehandlers and also stationary engines, Jaltest OHW (Off-Highway) provides an extensive software package giving the user not just fault diagnosing but full wiring diagrams, component testing, vehicle technical data and so on, making it a must for any modern day technician to keep there vehicles moving.