Jaltest Software

Not only is Jaltest sot the most comprehensive and powerful commercial vehicle diagnostic software on the market, it's also intuitively straight forward to use.

It allows to perform diagnosis and to interact with the different units with electronic control; following this vehicles classification:

What’s Included? 

• Diagnosis for Trucks
• Diagnosis for Trailers
• Diagnosis for Coach & Buses
• Diagnosis for light Commercial vehicles
• Diagnosis for Tractors(AGV)
• Diagnosis for Cranes and Special Vehicles

Its design enables the selection of the vehicle type, model and system to be diagnosed in a guided and intuitive way. Its presentation includes easily recognizable icons.

Navigate easily through the application obtaining data on errors, their description, frequency and whether they are present or not in the vehicle.

You can simultaneously combine obtaining values and measures with their ranges of reference values.

At the same time, you can exchange information with the units, by actuating components and performing the different tests available on the vehicle such as cylinders cutout, compression test, cylinders balance, binary states, etc.

The copying and pasting of parameters and modification is also available.


• More than 14000 trademarks integrated
• Instrumentation of measures and actuations
• Clients portfolio management 
• Information on the location of connectors
• Information on cables and connectors to be used
• Translated into 25 languages