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Jaltest AGV – Use Cases



A variety of agricultural equipment brands have appeared over time that offer a wide range of solutions. And this variety is what reinforces the need for a diagnostics system that can not only support multi-brand vehicles but also have sufficient functionality for maintenance. That combined with the number of electronic control units, actuators, and sensors in modern agricultural machinery make owning diagnostics tools, like Jaltest, a must.

So, in this article, we’re going to present some possible use cases of Jaltest AGV and how it can help you deal with agricultural vehicle maintenance.

Use Cases

To further showcase the wide functionality of Jaltest AGV, we’ve put together some specific examples of how the diagnostics tool can help maintain your agricultural equipment.

Service regeneration in John Deere engines

Particulate filter-equipped John Deere engines employ Level 21, 22, 23, 32, 33, and 34 control systems. Levels are used to categorise the quantity of soot in the DPF, with level 0 indicating that no regeneration is required and level 5 representing the highest soot load and a vehicle in service mode. The engine power is fully restricted at this level of soot load. In order to restore the engine power, it is necessary to execute the “Regeneration in service mode” for 3 hours.

Transmission calibration in a New Holland T7 Power Command tractor

The tractor’s transmission system oversees the distribution of power from the engine to the wheels. Power Command in this instance is a powershift that enables changing gears and ranges without ever having to push the clutch pedal. When a system is worn out or a part needs to be changed, it may behave harshly, causing jerks to the user and making them uncomfortable. To address this, the transmission needs to be calibrated to offer greater comfort and performance in any task.

Calibration of the rear lift

The rear lift on tractors is controlled by a system. Since the lift may not reach its maximum and minimum positions or may approach its mechanical limit but still attempt to achieve the limit position, calibration of the lift is necessary when any lift component wears out or needs to be replaced in this situation. This could result in issues with implement hitches and early wear, as well as a shorter lifespan for the component and deteriorating working conditions for the operator.

Coding of electronic spool valves

Spool valves are used to move hydraulic power from the tractor to the implement. Control levers whose assignments depend on their position are used to operate electronic spool valves from the tractor. When a spool valve is replaced with a fresh or used one, the position of the old valve must be assigned to the new one.

Parameter setting of the equipment in a Fendt 900 Vario Final Tier 4/ Stage IV

Tractors can be purchased with more or less equipment depending on the buyer’s demands, and then, if necessary, more equipment, such as a front lift, can be bought to be added to the tractor. Nevertheless, after assembly and installation, the device is inoperable. Thus, you are required to inform the control units about the new equipment available within the EOL system.

Verification of the SCR system in John Deere engines

The faults 4364.01, 4364.17, and 4364.18 appear when the power is restricted as a result of NOx conversion errors. The tractor is electronically limited by these active mistakes. Starting the SCR system verification check, which functions similarly to regeneration, is required when the fault of the gas after-treatment system has been resolved. However, its purpose is to test the SCR catalytic converter’s effectiveness at controlled temperatures. If the check is successfully completed, the errors are rendered dormant, allowing for uninterrupted work.

Reset of the stop request due to crystallisation in a Deutz EMR4 – EDC 17 CV52 engine with SCR or SCRT technology

AdBlue crystallisation can limit the output of Deutz engines with SCR and SCRT Final Tier 4 / Stage IV anti-pollution systems. The engine power is restricted as soon as the control unit recognises this. Even after clearing away all crystallisation, there is still a power restriction until the crystallization-related stop request is reset, at which point the engine power is restored.

Calibration of the steering system in a Valtra T254V (AC35.6)

The steering system on Valtra tractors with auto guidance is in charge of determining the angle at which the wheels are spinning and managing the steering solenoid valve. The auto-guidance system ceases to function properly if the system is out of calibration because the position data and the values transmitted to the steering do not match. Thus, calibrations of the steering system are required.

GDM transmission calibration in a Claas Jaguar

Claas forage harvesters with GDM hydrostatic transmissions require calibration because of a variety of issues, including component wear or replacement. These elements could lead to calibration errors, forage harvester jerks, and poor performance. By carrying out the calibration, the updated values are saved in the control unit, enabling a seamless operation across its whole work range.

Change of a product yield sensor in a Claas Lexion C6x

Claas harvesters are outfitted with sensors, such as sieve loss sensors, that enable monitoring of machine performance by keeping track of losses at various points of the machine. When these sensors are replaced, it is vital to assign them the function that has to be completed because they operate within a LIN network. Whereas Jaltest only permits restoring the default values of a sensor that has previously been programmed with a function to assign it a different one. On the other hand, Claas only permits employing new, unprogrammed sensors.

Final Thoughts

Overall, Jaltest AGV stands as a benchmark in the agricultural diagnostic tool sector. Because of its wide functionality and multi-brand support, it’s guaranteed to help any workshop work more efficiently and ultimately allow you to save money.

So, if you would like to learn more about Jaltest AGV or inquire about a purchase – give us a shout and we will make sure to take care of you.

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