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Jaltest 20.2 AGV Software Update

There’s some exciting news for all users of Jaltest’s diagnostic software, as the company have just released the 20.2 AGV update!

As you’ll have come to expect, the latest software update comes packed full of new innovations, improvements, and additional model coverage, meaning that it is, once again, better than ever before!

Some of the biggest innovations and improvements include those listed below:

  • Obtain VIN automatically
  • Define triggers in measurements
  • Measurement graph display tools
  • Improvements in the data recorder
  • System Display in functions
  • Improvements in vehicle maintenance data
  • Report sending to an email address


The 20.2 Jaltest AGV software update also includes the following new agricultural vehicle brands:

  • Arbos
  • BCS
  • Ferrari
  • Goldoni
  • Pasquali
  • Rostselmash


Please contact the Eclipse team today to learn more these agriculture diagnostic improvements or, alternatively, click here.




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