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Eclipse Brings Remote CV Diagnostics to the UK

Vehicle diagnostics is developing rapidly as the technology embedded within vehicles becomes more complex. Diagnostics as an area that helps to minimize the time a vehicle spends off the road is just one of the overall vehicle management systems that together seek to deliver the maximum returns from vehicle investment.


Eclipse Automotive Technology as the largest supplier of multi-brand commercial vehicle diagnostic products in the UK has entered into a collaborative agreement with Cojali in Spain, the developer behind Jaltest, to market and supply Jaltest Telematics (Jaltest ODF) with remote diagnostics. Jaltest Telematics is the natural extension to the market leading Jaltest diagnostic software and is available now.

This is the first time that Fleet Management and Remote Diagnostics has been offered in a single package and will revolutionise the way that fleets manage their business bringing together the activities of  Fleet Management, Workshops, Drivers and Fleet Customers.

Jaltest Telematics delivers a continuous commentary on each vehicle

Jaltest Telematics provides data for the fleet manager, the workshop and the driver and provides information individually and collectively for each of the roles ensuring that each is kept up to date on the condition and progress of the vehicle. It is designed for both trucks and trailers and is easily customized for the individual customer.


Remote Diagnostics will benefit the business by delivering:

  • Accurate knowledge of the vehicle’s status by diagnosing the truck in real time
  • Cost control
  • Increase of the efficiency and efficacy of your fleet
  • Less fuel consumption
  • Driving optimization
  • Reduction of maintenance times
  • Increase Vehicle Uptime.
  • Better reporting
  • Faster ROI.
  • Increased customer satisfaction

All of this contributes to a better service delivery to the customer.


The Jaltest ODF Web Portal

Through the web portal, the customer will be able to access all information in real time from any place in the world.



The platform is accessible from any device (PC, tablet, Smartphone…) with an Internet connection and is also multi-language, delivering functions such as:

  • Vehicle location in real time
  • Creation of alarms depending on the needs of the driver
  • Communication between driver, fleet manager and workshop
  • Driver performance
  • Report generation
  • Fleet management (vehicles and drivers).
  • Remote download of the tachograph data
  • Management of notices to the workshop
  • Management of orders and maintenances


Jaltest Telematics is the natural extension to diagnostics within a multi-brand fleet and will enable the seamless integration of the controls necessary to maximise the utilization of commercial vehicles by increasing the productive time spent on the road.

All those connected with the vehicle operation can have access to the system to maintain control and ensure a speedy response to any problems.

  • Fleet manager: operates the ODF web portal, conducting preventive maintenance.
  • Workshop: is linked to both the fleet manager and driver and ensures that the repair of the vehicle is smooth and reliable.
  •  Driver: receives clear instructions and manages the vehicles status.

Vehicle Components for Jaltest Telematics

J-TCU (Truck)

J-TCU (Jaltest Telematics Control Unit) is easily installed and collects FMS data and registers all the events of interest in the vehicle, in order to send them to the server afterwards, where they will be processed.


J-VOD (Truck)

J-VOD (Jaltest Vehicle On-Board Diagnostics) allows the user to perform diagnosis sessions remotely. Connected to the diagnosis socket (OBD), the system can interact with the control units (ECU) present in the vehicle to request the relevant information: measurements in real time, parameters or extended error codes.


J-TCUr (Trailer)

J-TCUr (Jaltest Telematics Control Unit Rugged) is designed for installations in trailer and semi-trailer. J-TCUr locates thetrailer/semi-trailer and can be configured to register any event characteristic of each business, to send it to the server.


J-TDO (Trailer)

J-TDO (Jaltest Trailer Diagnostics On-Board), is an on-board diagnosis system for towed vehicles, connected to the braking system (EBS) of the trailer or semi-trailer. The system is able to obtain all the characteristic information of the trailer: measurements in real time (pressures, voltages, wear of the brake pads, etc.), operation data (ABS interventions, anti-roll, travel information), next maintenances, mileage, and also able to perform a complete diagnosis, including the extended information of the error codes.


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