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Diagnosing and Fixing a DAF CF Fuel Pressure Control Fault

Today we’re featuring another of the very helpful videos posted by YouTuber trucktechuk, whose videos detail how Jaltest products aid him in fixing a variety of vehicle faults.

In his this video, we get to see how the Jaltest software helps Russell diagnose and resolve an issue with a DAF CF, which the customer reported would not start and was showing engine fault warnings.

By following the troubleshooting smart guide in the Jaltest software and entering some readings taken with his Jaltest multi-meter Russell is able to see that the fault lies with the fuel pressure control valve, which is apparently not an uncommon issue on the DAF CF engines.

He then makes use of the Jaltest high-pressure fuel circuit checking kit to confirm the location of the fault and demonstrate that this is leading to fuel being returned when the engine is idling, which the control valve should be preventing.

After replacing the faulty fuel pressure control valve, we can see Russell again use the attachments in the fuel circuit checking kit to show that the fault has been fully fixed and the valve is now working as it should be.

Of course, the Jaltest software is also used to reset and recalibrate and to clear the previous fault codes when the job is completed too.

As Russell says, there’s “nothing we can’t fix with the help of Jaltest from Eclipse Diagnostics”.


Watch the full video here:


Of course, the Jaltest software covers not only DAF trucks, but also most other brands of truck too. This is what makes Jaltest the leading multi-brand truck diagnostics solution. For more details of vehicle coverage please click here.

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