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Returns Policy

By clicking ‘Place Order’, you confirm that you have read and agreed to our Terms and Conditions for Supply of Equipment, including our Return and Refund Policy and Privacy Policy, and any other applicable Policies listed on our website. If you do not agree to any of those terms or policies, please do not proceed with your order.


Refund Scenarios

Refunds are only possible to the extent permitted by our Terms and Conditions for Supply of Equipment: for example, for:

• our inability to supply (condition 3.6);

• force majeure (condition 17.2.3);

• pricing errors (condition 6); or

• breach of warranty (condition 12.2.5).


Refund Request

If you become entitled to claim a refund under our Terms and Conditions for Supply of Equipment, you must email a refund request to: [email protected].

In the refund request to us you must state:

• the order reference number;

• purchase date;

• amount you propose to be refunded;

• the reason why you are claiming the refund; and

• the condition(s) under the Terms and Conditions for Supply of Equipment which you consider to give you the right to make the refund request.



Where you are entitled to a refund under the Terms and Conditions for Supply of Equipment (or we request that you return the Equipment to us for examination and testing under condition 12.2.4, or you otherwise expressly agree in writing a return with a registered director of ours):

You must return the Equipment to us in its original packaging and box materials where possible, or in any other reasonably suitable packaging and box materials.
Documents and items delivered with the Equipment must also be returned.
All returns are to be at your own cost.
All returns must be sent by special delivery post to: Eclipse House, Robian Way, Swadlincote, Derbyshire, DE11 9DH.
We may as part of our returns process email the return labels or any other return instructions to you, all of which must be followed.
We are not responsible or liable for Equipment and related documents and materials not received by us from you as part of any returns process.

A refund shall be processed when the above return rules have been complied with by you.

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