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The Industry's No. 1 commercial Vehicle diagnostic package

Eclipse Jaltest CV Package is a Multi-Brand diagnostic solution for a range of commercial vehicle types.

Covering Truck, Trailer, Bus, Coach and Light CV, the Jaltest Multi-Brand package provides an all-round diagnostic solution with powerful results.

The extensive package features guided fault diagnosis with linked technical information to wiring diagrams, component testing and vehicle repairs/service data. The Eclipse Jaltest CV package is a must for modern day technicians.

Eclipse Testpad Extreme® Pro is a rugged 12.3” handheld PC tablet which links to the Jaltest multiplexer unit which in turn connects to the vehicle using one of the vehicle connecting cables provided in the package. 


• Reading and deleting of error codes saved in the vehicle ECU
• Displaying and graphing of live vehicle data
• Adjustment of vehicle settings
• Activate devices and components
• Programming of ECU’s on many systems
• Detailed interactive wiring diagrams
• Linked guided diagnosis

What’s Included:

• Eclipse Testpad Extreme® Pro, handheld workshop Tablet PC
• Jaltest V9 multiplexer with long distance Bluetooth
• European Truck & Trailer cable kit
• Jaltest Soft diagnostic multi-brand software
• Software coverage for Truck, Bus/Coach, Trailer and Light commercial vehicles
• On-site handover training
• Eclipse Remote Assist
• 5 Years Eclipse technical support (Vehicle & I.T)
• 5 years software updates and license
• 5 years warranty