Vehicle & IT Diagnostic Technical Support

When purchasing diagnostic products from Eclipse, our customers are reassured to know that we provide a Telephone Technical Support Service Second to none. Each call in to Eclipse is logged and technical questions put to the team along with the answers given are entered in to a knowledge base. This information can then be accessed in addition to providing future advice to customers. The use of industry links with manufacturers is invaluable allowing us to provide information, diagrams, procedures and data to our customers.

Each support team member is trained and is from specific backgrounds to assist in relative questions, Truck Diagnostics, Car Diagnostics or I.T. giving dedicated support to each area.

Service Features

• Dedicated Tech Support telephone lines
• Industry trained support staff
• Extensive library of technical data 
• Fault codes, procedures & advice
• Fax/Email provision of wiring diagrams and procedures
• Available 8:30 - 5:30  Monday - Friday
• UK Call centre

Whilst our training services are very good we cannot expect our customers to be trained for every eventuality. We understand customers depend on our technical support service to provide on demand multi-brand assistance when they need it with immediate answers.

Eclipse Assist - remote support

Every Eclipse Testpad Extreme®+ PC is installed with Eclipse Assist software which allows the Eclipse Technical Support team to remotely access a customers Eclipse Testpad Extreme®+ PC via broadband. The team, when agreed with the customer, can access the customer's Testpad and assist the customer with vehicle related support. This service allows us to virtually sit next to the customer and see what the customer can see on screen whilst taking control.

We support all of our diagnostics packages from here in the UK.
Other distributors refer you to the software developers themselves - great if you want to work around (extended) lunch hours, ad-hoc local and religious holidays, time zone and language differences.

There may also be situations where your Eclipse Testpad Extreme®+ tablet needs repairing, and this is something that our team can resolve for you. Simply contact you and let us know that you require Eclipse Testpad Extreme®+ tablet repairs and we will do the rest.

Click here for more regarding our repair service.