Jaltest Portable Trailer E-Supply

pte web image

Jaltest PTE is a portable device designed to verify the electrical signals that are transferred from the tractor unit to the trailer. This includes lights, indicators and CAN communication.

Jaltest PTE has two modes of operation, dependant on the vehicle where verification is required. Using an intuitive LED interface the device marks the status of each signal. Therefore, significantly reducing the time spent on inspection and fault detection.

Jaltest PTE performs checks without the need of an external power supply, thus allowing for quick failure detection making it a great compliment to the main Jaltest Diagnostics tool.


  • Check of electrical connections in trailer and tractor head
  • LED devices to indicate the status of the different checked lines
  • External power supply for trailer
  • Quick failure detection
  • Automatic and manual mode
  • Internal rechargeable batteries
Cables available:
  • Serpentine 7Terminal 24V Type-N ISO 1185
  • Serpentine 7Terminal 24V Type-S ISO 3731
  • Serpentine 15Terminal 24V Type-S/N B1
  • Serpentine 15 Terminal 24V Type-S/N
  • Serpentine adapter 15Terminal A 7S/7N Truck
  • Serpentine 7 pin EBS ISO 7638
  • Serpentine 15Terminal 24V Type-S/N Mercedes-Benz
  • Serpentine 15Terminal 24V Type-S/N IVECO

Cables available individually or as a set.