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Jaltest INFO Web

The new online platform that provides all technical information of Jaltest


All the technical information.
No hardware required.

Jaltest INFO Web is born as an online platform that allows you to access the cloud of the technical information available in Jaltest.

- Access without connecting to any hardware.
- From any device, wherever and whenever you want.
- Hundreds of thousands of codes and systems available from your browser.
- Monthly or annual subscription, according to your needs.

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Exceptional coverage

Technical information for all type of ECUs and models of commercial vehicles, agricultural equipment, special equipment, material handling equipment and vessels.

Constantly updated

To offer the new regulations and generations of vehicles and machinery.


Adapted for all types of computers, mobile devices and tablets. Access the platform from any browser.

Jaltest INFO Web describes the error codes and includes additional help for their repair, such as components, wiring diagrams, etc., in the same way as Jaltest Diagnostics.

It also offers troubleshooting guides by error codes, which are intuitive and easy to follow, enabling an efficient and convenient repair.

Without them, it would be extremely difficult to clear all the memorised error codes, due to the logic of the current control units.

Troubleshooting guides by error code

Admissible functioning and operation range values that must be registered by sensors, solenoid valves and the rest of the electronically-controlled electrical components in order to verify their state and to replace them, if necessary. And on top of that, thousands of component images, their location and details of the pins.

System technical data

While navigating over the wiring diagrams, the components are highlighted and the technical information, including relevant documents, technical data, comments and location, can be directly accessed.

Interactive wiring diagram

Understanding how the different systems work can be a complex task. Jaltest Info Web includes the pneumatic, electrical and fuel line diagrams together with their corresponding technical values, images, locations and much more to speed up the technician's work.

System operation diagram

This module provides preventive maintenance services according to the vehicle manufacturer. Usually according to the distance travelled and/or the hours of service of the engine.

Maintenance services

Technical data and specifications about the mechanical components of the vehicle such as the diagrams of accessory belts and their adjustment, step-by-step valve adjustment procedures, oil and coolant capacities, and tightening torques of multiple components such as the cylinder head.

Vehicle technical data

Step-by-step guides that allow diagnosing and repairing the vehicle based on the detected symptoms, which might not be directly related to the error code registered. This type of guides are constantly updated thanks to the daily experience of the technical assistance department of Jaltest Diagnostics.

Troubleshooting guides by symptoms

Jaltest INFO Web includes documents on verification and inspection procedures, apart from relevant information that allows learning and training the users of Jaltest INFO Web in the different diagnosed models and systems.

Releases and procedures

Disassembly, verification and installation of multiple components explained in step-by-step guides.

Component replacement guides

In order to improve management times and workshop productivity, Jaltest INFO Web includes a register of the times recommended by the manufacturer for the different repair and component replacement processes.

Repair times



How to access Jaltest INFO Web

Jaltest INFO Web can be accessed through any web browser. You can access INFO Web either by going to the below link and then entering your Jaltest account login credentials or you can access it by going to your customer portal on Jaltest.com and then scrolling down to the "INFO WEB" link under "Jaltest Diagnostics".

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