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On 18.3 software Jaltest can carry out this task

Yes Jaltest provides locations of many components located on the vehicle.

Yes Jaltest covers these settings for a wide range of vehicles.

Yes this is available on the latest Jaltest software.

We can modify the speed limit on this vehicle.

Oil service reset as well as flexible and fixed maintenance service resets covered.

A long term fault code has to remain in the memory for 400 days due to legal reasons.

All the manufacturers are inter changeable so you can create custom vehicles to suit your fleet.

Yes. Many manufacturers on the software have this function.

Yes the function is available.

When not plugged into the vehicle you require to connect your Jaltest LINK to Testpad via USB.

You can delete current passwords using Jaltest. This will delete any passwords, however if unsuccessful then the ECU will require a reflash as it is locked.

Once fitted yes it will require calibrating to the ESP ECU, Jaltest can carry out this procedure.

On the latest software the TGE variant has been added so yes we can diagnose.

The sensor requires resetting using Jaltest before the fault code will be allowed to be cleared down.

If the software variants are the same then yes we can, however if there not we can still use the data to program the new EBS ECU from scratch.

Jaltest can copy the ECU contents out of the old module and paste into the new one aslong as the software variants are the same.

Yes Jaltest can calibrate a new clutch, however ensure genuine Iveco parts are used.

A common fault we have found is to be a failure in either relay RP20 or RP7, causing the lights to remain on.

Expert Codes are valid unless a major update has been installed. You can apply for a new code at Jaltest. com

After the replacement of a DPF the ECU needs to be informed of this. Jaltest can reset the DPF filter.

Injector coding is available for Ford Transits, aswell as many other manufacturers.

Under system checks you can view the status of the clutch assembly to see the status of the clutch wear.

Jaltest provides the user with component locations, test values and troubleshooting guides to help.

Yes Jaltest has an extensive library of wiring diagrams and technical support information.

Cummins, DAF, MAN, Mercedes, Renault, Scania, Volvo.

Currently the software can program Iveco and DAF keys

That is incorrect. On the latest software it has the ability to clear the mil light, once all related faults have been repaired.

Jaltest can copy/paste Haldex, Knorr Bremse and Wabco trailer EBS systems and also program from scratch if required.

Using Jaltest yes you can calibrate the clutch assembly on all Mercedes aswell as other manufacturers.

Yes it can. Also on Mercedes, Iveco, Renault and many more.

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