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DAF Unit Pump Failure: Troubleshoot and Repair

DAF Unit Pump Failure: Troubleshoot and Repair

Today, we’re showcasing yet another of YouTuber trucktechuk’s incredibly insightful videos, in which he uses Jaltest products to help him resolve a range of vehicle issues and faults.

In his latest video, Russell uses Jaltest diagnostic software to get to the bottom of a unit pump issue on a customer’s old euro 6 DAF CF. Thanks to Jaltest smart guides, he is able to work through the technical information available and resolve the issue quickly and efficiently.

After using the diagnostic software to read the fault codes, Russell is able to identify that the issue was down to the magnetic value unit pump’s current being too low.

Watch how he removes the existing pump unit and replaces it with a new unit, before clearing the previous fault codes and restarting the truck. The Jaltest diagnostic software now shows that all issues have been addressed and no fault codes are now present on the truck, which now starts without any warnings showing on the dash.

Another successful fix by TruckTechUK and Jaltest!

Order your truck diagnostic software with Eclipse Automotive Technology Ltd today!

Please click here to view the full range of videos by trucktechuk.


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