Evinrude Diagnostics

Choose the leading multibrand diagnostic software from Jaltest, suitable for outboard motor engines on Evinrude vehicles.

Evinrude have a strong history in providing first-class outboard motors for boats and marine vehicles, and when used alongside the industry's no.1 diagnostic software, you can be sure that your engine is in great hands!

Using the powerful Jaltest software, numerous systems can be accessed on Evinrude vessels and fault descriptions displayed on screen in text, informing you what the issue is and how it can be resolved.

What's Included:

• Eclipse Testpad Extreme® Pro, handheld workshop Tablet PC
• Jaltest Marine V9 multiplexer with long distance Bluetooth
• Marine cable kit
• Jaltest Soft diagnostic multi-brand software
• Software coverage for Inboard, Outboard and Jet Skis engines
• On-site handover training
• Eclipse Remote Assist
• 12 months Eclipse technical support (Vehicle & I.T)
• 12 months software updates

Click here to learn more about the must have software for Evinrude diagnostics, or watch the video below.