Euro 5/6 Emission Diagnostics

euro 6 diagnostic emissionsThe Industry's No. 1 vehicle diagnostic package, providing Euro 5/6 Emission Diagnostics, Fault Diagnostics and much more!

Euro 5 and Euro 6 relates to the limits set for harmful exhaust emissions produced for almost all vehicles powered by petrol or diesel engines.

Back in 2015, manufacturers came together and obliged to ensure that car emissions do not exceed agreed limits, and our Jaltest diagnostic software helps you keep on top of these emissions, as well as quickly highlighting any vehicle faults, and much more.

The software covers commercial vehicles, OHW, AGV, marine, and more!


  • Reading and deleting of error codes saved in the vehicle ECU
  • Displaying and graphing of live vehicle data
  • Adjustment of vehicle settings
  • Activation of devices and components
  • Programming of ECU's on many systems
  • Details interactive wiring diagrams
  • Linked guided diagnosis

So, if you are looking for Euro 5 and Euro 6 emission diagnostics, contact Eclipse Tech today to learn more about our great range of software available, which is the worlds no.1 multi-brand diagnostic tool!